Journey to Snaefellsjokull

Mt Arnarstapi
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Snaefellsjokull glacier

As we travel the road to the sacred glacier Snaefellsjokull on the Snaefellsness Peninsula the mountains loom over us; we skirt the North Atlantic coast on a beautiful, clear spring day in May, 2013.  Nearing the glacier we pass under the watchful eye of the landscape sentinels stationed within the mountains.  They stand guard at the edge of the Ring Pass Not, which is the auric field of this most beauteous glacier.   We wind our way towards Mt Arnarstapi and picnic on the beach amidst the black volcanic stones, lava rocks and abundant sea life.  We breathe the air of this Snowy Mountain region and walk the beach path past the old church, feeling the healing power of the earth on all sides.

A few miles down the road we stop at the foot of Mount Arnarstapi and immerse ourselves in its aura.  It rises majestically, with shades of beautiful brown, green and purple at the feet of the Snaefellsjokull glacier.   From within this mountain a Resurrection Angel calls to my heart.  She embodies the mountain and sends her Light of Resurrection to all.  She is the portal to this Resurrection Temple; an outpost of the Lord Jesus’ Heart in the Western fjord coast of Iceland.

In peace we gather at the Hotel Hellnar to share a meal and later a meditation.  Light touches and releases our hearts; old cycles end and new ones begin.  We exists in harmony as a close soul family. Later that evening, deep in meditation I am lifted into the heart of the glacier; the top of the mountain simply slides aside and I am immersed in effulgent Light.  After some time I arise and return to my body.  As the top of the mountain slides back into place; an inter-stellar craft descends, flying swiftly into the heart of the mountain.  Sleep is elusive; the northern sky reflects in shades of blue and purple across the sacred mountains and wild coastline.

In silent peace we gather for breakfast; Arjuna sings his songs of joy, remembering and peace.  Everything is perfection.  We venture out into rain, sunshine and squally wind to visit Lady Mary’s Stream which pours from the mountain through the rock and on towards the sea.  Seeking shelter from the weather, we sit and sup and share the warmth and hearty food of a very cosy cafe, amidst the colour, vibrancy and beauty of local paintings and people.  The power, resurrection and radiance of the Snaefellsjokull glacier and Arnarstapi have done their work; we have been renewed and restored.

In peace we retrace our path, past the silent sentinels, as light of all description moves across the coastline, sky and mountains.  We feel deep energetic connections to Scotland, England, Egypt and America as the Serpent Paths converge,  make landfall here in the West Coast of Iceland;  Island, Land of Lord Jesus and Lady Isis.

The healing of this journey is later captured in a new song One Heart One Earth:

Music Heart Journey or Arjuna Govinda

Chandra Easton 

17th May 2013

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