Skellig Michael – Eire

Into Michael’s Cave

My early research on the sacred sites of Ireland, quickly revealed photographs of Skellig Michael, Sentinel of Light a miniscule island of the South West Coast, in the Atlantic.  After some uncertainty as to whether we could find passage on a boat to the island, miraculously three seats  where found at the last minute.  Gyde, Arjuna and I journeyed there in a boat with others, with joy and gratitude in our hearts.  In the hands of our capable skipper we navigated through the headland and some 8 miles out to sea.

Cliffs of Skellig Michael

On the horizon appeared two peaks, emerging needle like straight out of the sea.  We passed Little Michael, a bird sanctuary after an hour and in the distance Skellig Michael loomed larger.  As our tiny boat pulled into the pier, we where dwarfed by the sheer vertical cliffs of the island which rose dramatically skywards.  The sun shone brightly.

One foot on the rock, which is the body of Skellig Michael was enough for us to know that we had stepped onto holy ground.  Some 1,400 years ago monks had set sail from the coast and landed on this island to establish a monastery.  We followed the path and soon arrived at the beginning of the 600 step ascent to the top of the mountain.  Due warnings of care where given;  Only those with sure foot, stout heart and keen eye and balance dare to climb this mountain.  We where told of two stops along the way the Wailing Wall and Christs Saddle.  Atop the mountain rests the beehive huts of the ancient monastery.

On all sides the puffins and other birds soared, swooped and greeted us.  We began to climb; the warmth of the sun called us onwards.  Gyde took up her position at the Wailing Wall.  We continued up the steep ascent.  Resting for a while to admire the view at Christ’s Saddle, we sat in silent awe of the mountain.  A short climb further and we reached the entrance to the monastery.  Ahead grouped around a small courtyard eight beehive huts, a small graveyard looked out over a panoramic view of the South Atlantic East and West.

 I sensed the power of Lord Michael all around us.  We sat to meditate at the entrance to one of the Beehive structures.  

“Ancient of Days.  Michael above me; Michael beneath me;  Michael before me;  Michael behind me; Michael within me;  Michael Christ’s defender.On this Earth there are Sanctuary’s of the Heart, Sanctuaries of the Will and Sanctuaries of the Holy Spirit.  Your are seated in the etheric levels of Michael's Sanctuary of the Will in Eire.To this sacred place came those with questing hearts.  To this remote island come those of strong will and determination.  This place of Michael’s Will was not for the feint hearted;  it was for the stout hearted.

They came for penance; they came for servitude; they came for duty.  Some few came of their own free spirit;  many came seeking restitution/ peace.  To this remote Isle you come in search of the Beloved.  Attune. Know yea not that the Beloved seeks you?  Know yea not?

Temples of Will hold the deepest peace; they transmit this peace which is transmuted into Will; which is further stepped down into peace for the world.Following the Serpent Paths had lead you to Michael’s Cave.  Enter.

I move into the Beehive Cave for the remainder of the meditation. An image of many entrances/portals to the inner sanctum the Inner Cave of Michael appears before my inner eye.  Lord Michael’s Cave is seen as a blue triangle, within a blue triangle, within a blue triangle and so on into infinity.Feel Michael’s Holy Breath upon you.  Feel His touch within you.  You are His instrument.  Feel His Touch.  Feel His Breath.  You are His Holy Instrument."

Holy Breath, Holy Love, Holy Steed, Holy Army surrounds me.  Unite within His loving Heart, unite. Galactic connectivity links this Centre of Michael’s Will with the Great Bear Ursa Major.  This isle is a reservoir of Will for the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth..  Unsullied by humanity, remote places such as this are used as storehouses/generators/distributors of the Will/Love to be accessed as time arises.

An image of Skelling Michael connected through the Heart of Lord Maitreya to the Sanctuary of the Heart in Daylesford, Australia, through the Michael Serpent lines;  I meditate upon this for some time.

The time has come to leave this island.  We walk the mountain sending out the love of Maitreya the Christ into the rocks, soils, trees, other seekers.  We walk.

Joyfully and carefully  we descend, retracing our footsteps back down the precarious slopes of Skellig Michael.  We leave the peace and power of the Island behind us, as we climb aboard our little boat and head for the shore some 1.5 hrs hence.

(A few beautiful images have been posted to  my Facebook page – Soul Centered Astrology & Spiritual Healing under Photos – Skelling Michael)

Chandra Easton

27th June 2013