Rosslyn Chapel

Stepping into Rosslyn Chapel is to step into a radiatory Temple of the Lord Christ. Surrounded by the beauty and intricacy of this Masonic Temple we stood within its centre, searching for the Green Man who seeks our gaze from many corners; we reflected on the heavenly stars which light the Chapel roof and sat in silent contemplation within the crypt of the Chapel; wherein the deeper Mystery of Rosslyn has left its mark on stone and altar. Our hearts aligned with Lord Maitreya, through a magnificent eight pointed Star, which has been placed within the inner levels of this Chapel. From within the heart of this Christed Star we worked with the Lord Michael, Spirit of Resurrection and Holy Spirit, Dove of Peace to strengthen the vertical axis, the Serpent Path linking Rosslyn Chapel to Avebury, Stonehenge and the Orkney Islands.

I became aware that the congregation of Rosslyn Chapel hold and maintain a potent frequency which ensures that this Chapel continues to be an active Sun Temple for Lord Jesus and Lord Christ’s Light on Earth. From the horizontal axis, my heart attuned to Iona and beyond along the fiery Serpent Path to Eire. From within this Holy Temple the Light of Resurrection is distributed throughout Edinburgh Glasgow and London in a lighted triangle linking these three centres of force. As we sat in the peaceful surroundings of the Chapels garden we continued to receive the potent Light of Lord Michael which poured down upon us like midnight rain.

As the afternoon waned we wandered slowly down the hill, past the partially ruined Rosslyn Castle to the beautiful Rosslyn Glen where kings of old visited for rest and recreation. We enjoyed the beauty and peace of the Glen, as others have done for centuries. The voice of the romantic poets, who frequented this Glen in earlier times, was felt in the stones, clear waters and air.  The day was drawing to a close as our trusty GPS guided us safely back to Edinburgh; the peace of evening descended.