Newgrange – Neolithic Sun Temple

It is the Summer Solstice here in the northern hemisphere and we visit Newgrange on this auspicious day.  Sitting with my back against a stone in the grounds and resting deep within the heart of the Temple, enfolded by 5,000 year old stones and healing vibrations, my heart attunes to the purpose of this site, past, present and future:-

"The purpose and relevance of this site in the present and the future world is as a storehouse of Earth’s Neolithic history.  It is an ancient library and as such there is the possibility of future generators for the Aquarian Age.  Much depends upon the current earth populations caretaker role in the event that some aspects of the modern civilization remains then sites such as this will continue to act as earth’s library.  However, in the event that catastrophe is on a gigantean level, then it may be possible to bring back into service some of these ancient megalithic temples."

Coming slowly back to my daily consciousness, I remained in a state of bliss for some hours after this deeply healing visit to Newgrange.

Chandra Easton

Summer Solstice 2013
Newgrange, Eire

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