Long Meg and Her Daughters

Bronze Age Monolithic Stone Circle Long Meg
One of the largest Stone Circles in Britain
Litttle Salkald, Penrith in NW England

Silently we approach the Circle, sacred to the Druids 3,500 years ago.  Hearts attuned to the inner mysteries; we are stopped by the Outer Guard of the Circle.  I sit to meditate under a beautiful old tree; an image of the Labyrinth appears before my inner eye.  With my mala in hand I dowse the path ahead, searching  for the entrance to the Stone Circle.  I am drawn around the outer rim of the circle and begin to approach the largest standing stone, the Gate Keeper in the South from the direction.  Silently I am allowed to pass this Guardian, I proceed. Once more I am stopped by the another Guardian of the Ring, who asks:-  “How do you come?”  “in peace”  I reply. 
The way is opened and again I step forward.   The Gatekeepers of the ancient ones stand as silent sentinels.  They guide and protect this area; allowing those with pure intent to enter the circle. Silently I enter the Stone Circle and am drawn towards the centre of the circle. 
Lying down I am filled with  the deepest healing and great peace.  Time disappears; images of people from a bygone age appear before my inner eye.  The Circle is filled with people;  the community gathers at special times during the year - Beltane, Midsummer Festivals, Solstice and Equinoxes for ceremonies, rituals, baptism.
I witness babies being blessed; marriages; grains of wheat brought to be blessed to ensure a good harvest.  I see one of the stones being used to honour the passing of a soul through death.  Different stones are the entrance point for different ceremonies at certain times of the year.  Some stones are solemn, some joyful, some embracing.  As I rest in the middle of this ancient circle, I realize that previously a Cairn stone was placed in its centre; it is no longer present.
Mother Stone
Mother Stone
I approach the Mother Stone,  placed in the South of the Circle; in alignment with the Record Keeper. She is the holder of the family history. She holds the history of the families within the community down through the ages.  
She invites me: “Rest with me.”   The Mother Stone provides a resting place for woman and children; her role is to heal the community.  Her time is that of the First Quarter Moon;  She corresponds to Summer.
Record Keeper of Long Meg Stone Circle and Chandra
Record Keeper Stone 
Guardian of the South
I approach the tall, impressive Record Keeper Stone, which radiates a strong masculine, first ray energy.   It is the Outer Guard standing in the South.  It is a Ring-pass-not.   It speaks:  I am the Keeper of the history of this region”.  Like rings within a tree, the history of the area, down through the ages are stored within its depths and can be accessed by those who have the key.  

The Record Keeper is a Library Stone.  The Druids used this large, beautiful stone to communicate with other rings in the region.  The modern equivalent is a telephone are code, which accesses many homes in the one region. The Record Keeper acts as a key to unlock, activate or release the power of the Earth’s Light body from this Stone Circle for the region/community as required.   It protects the region and community and is aligned with certain starry constellations.
Stone of the West
I transverse the circle now moving to the large stone placed in the West.   This stone holds the power of Water and is aligned with Archangel Gabriel.  It’s role is accentuated at the Full Moon in Autumn.  This stone is dedicated to the elements to bless for fertility and to pray for rain.
Stones of the North
Stone of the North
I continue to traverse the circle and come to sit in the North.  Here there are two stones placed within the circle and an outer guard.  The North  stone corresponds with the last quarter moon phase and winter.  This stone is used to call down the blessings and dedication of the Sky  Gods.
Late afternoon
Stone of the East
Slowly I continue around the circle and arrive at the stone placed within the East.  This stone is awakened at the time of the New Moon; it corresponds with the Spring.  This is the region of regeneration and  healing.  It becomes clear to me that the Stone in the East is for Men’s Business; it is a Stone of Initiation.  Solemnly I move on.

Sacred Year
I notice that the intermediary stones between the Cardinal points are stones of transition, between the seasons.  This Circle is one large calendar, wherein ceremonies are conducted at certain times of the year in due season.
Return to the Mother

I complete the circle by returning again to the Mother stone in the south.  Images of children, birthing, seeds, grains of wheat brought for blessing, fertility rituals flood my consciousness. After a couple of hours of deep peace, healing and contemplation, we send a prayer of gratitude for all that we have received and take our leave of Long Meg and her Daughters.

Chandra Easton
7th May, 2013