King Arthur’s Keep, Tintagel

For seekers of the Grail

Monsalvat Castle Grail legend

We turn our hearts and minds to times gone by as we drive south from Glastonbury to North Cornwall and so on toward King Arthur’s  ancient Keep at Tintagel.  It is perched dramatically on a defensible headland overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.  As I attune to the journey ahead images of Knights and their ladies comes to the fore; this retracing of our footsteps to the castle of old will serve to bring forth and heal old wounds.

Finding our feet upon the path to Tintagel Castle, we take different routes.  I climb the hill and sit upon a headland, above the castle.  Far below me the waves crash upon this wild Atlantic shore.  The ruins of the castle can been seen far below and the steps to the Island Keep, with tourists the size of a small animal, are just visible in the distance.

I attune my heart to the inner worlds and hear the sound of horses hooves, as a party of soldiers approaches the keep.

“ The cup that was emptied has now been refilled.

This keep of times gone past has been returned to new hands.  Hands of old that claimed and grasped and drew just swords have now turned to higher purpose.  The Heart of the Gatekeeper of old is now filled with treasures anew. The old defences crumbled; the new treasure, new lands, new grail lies within.

For all those who seek the Grail, enter into Me.”

For all those who seek earnestly the Way, enter into the Heart of Lord Jesus.

Enter into Me

"I AM in you.  You are in Me. I AM the Alpha and Omega, 
The beginning and the end.
The Eternal Breath, The Eternal Hope, The Eternal Joy. Joy of Life, I AM
Enter into Me. Enter into Me.

Through Me pass all prayers for the Earth. I AM the Altar of the Earth.
I AM the Peace of the Universe. The Peace that passeth all understanding.
Enter into Me those who suffer. Enter into Me those who seek solace.
Enter into Me those who seek my Love. Enter into Me.

I AM the Lighter of Lamps. The Bringer of Joy, The Lamb of God, I AM.
Enter into Me.

I AM the River of Silence. I AM the Eternal Breath of Love.

The Eternal Breath of Life.

Enter into Me."

Chandra Easton
2nd July, 2013