Hill of Unisneach

We journey to the heartland of Ireland

We travel to Co. Westmeath, in search of the ceremonial site where the kings of old met to convene the Law. Unisneach is the place where those who worshipped the Goddess Danu and the teachers of the stars, the Tuatha De Danann gathered in ceremony. At this site many legends formed the cloth of mythology which encircles Ireland, It was here that the Stone of Destiny was placed to mark the geographical center of Ireland; at this site the people down through the centuries gathered to celebrate Beltane. On the first weekend in May this Fire Festival brought people together; May Fires where lit at the heart of Eire and from the Hill of Unisneach, the fires symbolized to all the coming of Spring. Fires where then lit in surrounding regions radiating outwards throughout the countryside.

Goddess Eriu_Eire_web

Receiving directions from the local Tourist Information, we arrive at the site and contact the owner to request permission to walk over this land, which is now privately owned. With map in hand we find ourselves at the crown of the Hill, where little remains of times past, save a grove trees crowning the top of the hill.  The rain begins to fall. We sit under shelter and meditate.

Peace arises

I encounter the heart of the National Deva, Eriu, as an image of a six pointed star enters my consciousness.

“Through wind and rain, through song; through depression to hope, I sing. I heal, I sing, I heal. My heart is anchored in this fair Isle. I sing, I heal. From the Western Isles to the Hill of Tara. From the wild north coast to Eire’s southern shores, I sing, I heal. Take me with you on your journey. My people are traveller’s, journeymen.

Deep in meditation, I heard Arjuna’s voice raised in song. He sings in praise of the Christ, Maitreya, Spirit of the Heart. I later discover that in fact he was also deep in meditation and was not actually physically singing.

As the rain eases we begin to circle the crown of the Hill, following the path under the shelter of the overarching trees. I notice a few small standing stones marking this bottom circle. Two smaller pathways also encircle the hill and a small altar stone stands in the centre; a silent sentinel to a lost time and place.

Return to Eire

On a far hill stands the Naval Stone, the geographical centre of the Emerald Isle. The rain continues to bless us and the West Coast of Ireland calls us onwards. With peace in our hearts we leave the distant past and the Hill of Unisneach.  The Heart of Eriu, National Deva of Ireland, travels with us now – we have returned to Eire.  Later Chandra wrote and Arjuna Govinda produced and sings “Return to Eire”

Chandra Easton
12th June, 2013