Under Desert Stars

Central Australian Spiritual Retreat 
4th – 14th August, 2017

We honour the aborginal people, custodians of this sacred land and their ancestors – Anangu Pitjantjatjara people of Uluru; Luritja, Ulpinyali and Lilla people from Central Australian Desert; Arrernte people from the Larrapinta trail and Mparntw regions.

We offer small group healing retreats to sacred sites, providing opportunities to rejuvenate, rejoice, heal yourself and the earth.  Participation in spiritual practices and sacred Earth Healing is integral to these journeys. A reasonable level of fitness and participation in groupwork is essential.

beautiful kata tjuta olgasRetreat photos at Uluru & Kata Tjuta  – 2016

group with chandra at oristorn

Retreat photos West McDonnell Ranges – 2016

arjuna and knud at ormiston_n

You are invited to join the 2017 Sacred Earth Retreat with Chandra Easton and Namita Trensky.  We will visit the sacred sites of Uluru, Kata Tjuta, Kings Canyon and the West MacDonnell Ranges.  Under southern skies and desert stars, we gather to heal ourselves and our country.

Sacred Retreats heal: This is both an outer journey and inner vision quest. Australia’s Red Heart holds the power to heal and reconnect us to Spirit.  When we consciously enter the stillness and silence of the desert our hearts sigh, the deep peace of the desert touches all.

Seven Sisters 2

Uluru Milky Way_n

 Participation in sacred ceremony deepens your connection to the Spirit of this ancient Land. Together we walk on the red dirt, touching Australia’s ancient songlines and the Heart of this great land. During ceremonial Earth Healing we co-operate with the ancestors, Spirit of this Land and Star Beings. Through sacred ceremony, meditation, song and sharing,  the earth is healed and uplifted.
Chandra has visited many sacred sites around the world on her healing journey For more than 25 years she has worked as a spiritual healer and group leader. During this spiritual retreat you will be supported to take the next step of your journey. When we reverently enter sacred sites, deeper aspects of ourselves arise for healing. As we step through the veil into Earth’s Light Body, Her sacred, mythical landscape opens to us.
Arjuna on Larapinta trail
 Arjuna from Journey of the Heart has created, with Chandra’s lyrics, Spirit of the Olgas  Other music videos by Arjuna

Visiting Sacred Sites

Grandmother Moon Women’s Retreat, Central Victoria

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