Spirit of the Olgas

Mother births. The Mothers of the Earth cry for the birth of Their children.  Earth awakens and the Mothers labour in Their creative task of love for humanity.   Mother’s cries awaken the ancient call, which resides in the rocks, the water table, the caves and deep within the Heart of the Rock. Awaiting for aeons the perfect time; the time is now.

Together we responded to the Call of the Mothers from Uluru; we came with Their blessings; we worked with Their blessings for the activation of these ancient songlines.  We where called and awaited; called and awaited; called and awaited.

Maitreya births. The Rising Light of Earth seeks to rise within the hearts of all. The red soil, aethers, waterholes are all embedded with ancient codes. Together we journeyed to merge with and embody the Red Heart of this most ancient of Lands. Australia! Australis! She quickens and arises; arises and quickens.

Touching the heart of Australia – tune in via this beautiful new song from Arjuna Govinda and Chandra.  Arjuna sings in the desert with magnificent images of the Red Heart of Australia.

Spirit of the Olgas

Return to the Rock, Return to the Rock.
Turn again to the Sun, Turn again to the Sun
Spirit of the Sun, Spirit of the Sun
Hearts aflame, Dreamtime comes
Spirit of the Wind, Spirit of the Wind
Hearts aflame, Dreamtime comes
Spirit of the Rock, Spirit of the Rock
Return to Earth, Mother births
Spirit of the Olgas, Spirit of the Olgas
Wisdom comes, Wisdom comes
Spirit of the Earth, Maitreya births
Hallowed One, Hallowed One.

Arjuna Govinda & Chandra Easton


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