Grandmother Moon

Healing our Maternal Bloodline: Meditation 31 mins.

Friday 7th – Monday 10th April, 2017

GRANDMOTHER MOON RETREAT creates space for sharing, embracing and laughing. Women have always healed, nurtured and cherished each other. We will gather in the heart of Gariwerd (Grampians National Park) and call upon the Grandmothers to heal the daughter, sister, mother, aunt, partner and grandmother, within us. Returning to our ancestral feminine roots; we gather to heal ourselves, each other and to pray for the earth.

By her light we will retrace our lineage and birth ourselves anew. Together we will honour our blood ties and family connections, and stand strong in peace. Sharing our stories from the heart, we will celebrate life. We go where the mother’s blanket heals us, where she gives us new dreams; together we will weave our new path. Together we take time to honour Spirit, to listen to the Mother, to heal ourselves and commune with the sacred egg we call earth. We will remember the old ways, needed for the times ahead.

CHANDRA EASTON is a wholistic practitioner of the heart with a lifetimes experience as a traditional and esoteric astrologer, lightworker, educator and workshop facilitator. She loves to inspire, support and empower others to live in Light. Chandra is a mother and grandmother.

FEE: $250 Earlybird by 10th March. After that $300. Accommodation options, travel and other practical details provided at registration

ENQUIRIES: Phone Chandra: 07 3269-6019 or email:-

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