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Nature rejuvinates the landVisit Sacred Sites

For many years I have travelling to sacred sites to heal myself, connect with the Spirit/Devas of these places and heal the earth.  Aspects of my heart and soul have been embedded in these sacred sites and in the process of these journeys, I have been healed and transformed.

List of visits to sacred sites
Sacred journeys heal

You may find aspects of yourself that have been lost for centuries;  peace, creativity and joy often bubble to the surface, once the past is understood and integrated.  Often we feel drawn to visit a particular country or place, yet we don’t really understand why.  A deep sense of belonging and an invigorated personal identity are just a couple of the many treasures that emerge during and as a result of a spiritual quest.

2017 Program
Sacred Earth Healing Journey to Australia’s heartland

If you feel an inner call to travel with spiritual intent, you may wish to join us in 2017 for a healing retreat in the Heart of Australia. These tours are with small, intimate groups; where the spiritual intent underpins our daily program. As we travel we will base our journey on simple, spiritual practices with time in Nature, good food, walking meditation, music, healing occurs through contact with the land,  Earth Healing and companionship.

Visiting Uluru, Kata Tjuta, Kings Canyon, Alice Springs, West MacDonnell’s

Grandmother Moon Retreat enquire about the next one

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