Sacred Earth Healing Journeys

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Over the years, Chandra, friends and co-workers have travelled to many sacred sites and holy places in Europe, New Zealand and Australia. Along the way we have connected with Angels and Spirits of the Land; Landscape Guardians and Gatekeepers to the Inner Temples. We stood in awe in Rings Forts and Passage Tombs built thousands of years ago; prayed in modern cathedrals, climbed the highest mountains and touched the Red Heart of Australia. Aspects of my heart and soul have been embedded in these sacred sites and in the process of these journeys, I have been healed and transformed More

Sacred journeys heal

You may find aspects of yourself that have been lost for centuries;  peace, creativity and joy often bubble to the surface, once the past is understood and integrated.  Often we feel drawn to visit a particular country or place, yet we don’t really understand why.  A deep sense of belonging and an invigorated personal identity are just a couple of the many treasures that emerge during and as a result of a spiritual quest.

2020 Sweet Earth Retreat

Visiting Uluru, Kata Tjuta, Kings Canyon, Alice Springs, West MacDonnell’s Enquire here

Sacred Journeys