Sacred Earth Retreats

Heart of the Andes – 2023

An invitation is extended for those who have experience within the Heart of Maitreya, to join us on this journey to the land of the Incas, high in the alpine valleys of the South American Andes. Namita Trensky and Chandra Easton, will guide you on this journey, which will include personal healing, transformational groupwork, meditations, optional trekking, space for deep resting and participation in Earth Healing ceremonies. If you feel drawn to accompany us on this trip please apply to Chandra . . . .

19th April to 17th May

We will be in South America for approximately four weeks, with the highlight at the Wesak full moon on 5th May, at Lake Titicaca, the inner retreat of a Master of Wisdom, Lord Kuthumi. The main focus of our journey will be in southern Peru, for about 14 days, however you may extend your tour :-

  • Peru – 14 day tour
    • Fly into Lima
    • Sacred temples in around Cuzco
    • Machu Picchu
    • Inca Trail – option
    • Sacred Valley of the Incas
    • Sacred temples in and around Puno
    • Lake Titicaca – Island of Amantani
  • Peru & Bolivia – 28 day tour
    • Continue on from Peru
    • Island of the Sun & Moon
    • La Paz
    • World Heritage Site – Tiwanaku
    • Arequipa
    • Nazca Lines . . . .

Pre Requisites

Heart of Maitreya - Fifth and future Buddha of Earth
  • Previous involvement with the Heart of Maitreya
  • Commitment to a minimum of 14 day tour
  • 19th April – 17th May approximately
  • Moderate degree of fitness
  • Personal responsibility essential
  • Timely payment of deposit and balance
  • Mobile free retreat


Namita Trensky

  • Psychology & Meditation
  • Group therapy & Spiritual Retreats
  • Sacred Women’s Circles
  • The Healing Wellspring . . . . .

Chandra Easton

  • Esoteric Healer & Astrologer
  • Sacred Earth Retreats facilitator
  • Earth Healing ceremonies
  • Living in Light . . . . .

Pre-requisites, Itinerary & Cost

  • Application or expression of interest
  • please contact Namita or Chandra
  • Itinerary will be available once completed
  • Facebook private group to keep you updated
  • Regular Zoom meetings with interested people