Lady Quan Yin

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Tony O’Connor
Of Dreams and Discoveries

Attunement & Protection

Follow the Breath, let it take you to the heart.  Breathing in peace, breathing out all else.  Breathing in peace, breathing out all else.

See yourself standing before the Doorway to the Heart, at the entrance to your Heart Chakra.  See yourself opening the Door to your Heart.  Step within to the Path of the Light.  You are greeted by the Angels of Peace.  Go with them to the Temple within, your Sanctuary of the Heart.

Before you, you see a tall energy form blazing with Light.  It is the Light of your I AM Presence, soul and Spirit.  Step within this electronic force field and connect with your I AM Presence.

Together we pray.  We ask for the Healing, Light and Protection of the Divine Mothers of the Earth.  Become aware of the Angels of the White Tara who surround and protect you.  Feel their Mother of Pearl White Light all around you.  Go with them to the Temple of Mother Tara.

Before you stands the Temple of Tara the White.  Shimmering pearly white Light.  Silently you enter into this Temple.  The Angels take you to a healing room.  Lie down on the couch and prepare to receive the healing of the White Tara.

The Angels of the White Tara stand all around you.  You breathe in Their pearly white light.  Into your heart, into your mind, into your body.  All is peace.  All is peace.  Your mind is peace.  Your heart is peace. Your body is peace.

Continue to breathe the Light of the White Tara.  Your aura fills with Her peace.  It is as if you are floating in an Ocean of Peace.  There is no beginning and no end to you – you are floating in an ocean of peace.  You are floating deep within the Heart of the Universe.  No beginning and no end.

The Voice of Silence speaks:

quanyinMother of All Mothers . . . . .  awaken. Come to Me. Enter into Me. I Am the Mother of all Mothers. The Lady Quan Yin. Mother of your Heart I Am. Mother of your Soul, I AM. Mother of the World. Enter into Me.

To you, I give Peace, To you, I give Protection. Enter into Me. Mother of the Universe Mother of the Earth Mother of all Hearts. Enter into Me.

I Am the Kiss of Loveliness, The Sweetness of the Breath. Protector of All Hearts. Enter into Me. Beloved of all Beloveds. I AM the Lady Quan Yin. Mother of All Mothers. Enter into Me.

My Heart protects. My Heart reveals. Heart of all Hearts. Enter into Me. I Am the Doorway to Peace, The Doorway of Protection. The Way to Holiness. Enter into Me.

I Am the Temple within. My body is a Temple. Light of all Lights. Enter into Me. Through My Heart lies peace. Bring all to this peace. Through My Heart lies purity. Bring all to this purity. Through My Heart lies protection. Enter into Me. I AM the Mother of all Mothers. Heart of All Hearts Doorway to your soul. Enter into Me.


See yourself as a child, cradled in the Heart of Lady Quan Yin, Mother of All Mothers. Child within Child, Heart within Heart, Mother within Mother. Mother of the great I AM. Mother of Universes Doorway to your soul. Enter into Me.

As you sit in the Lotus Heart of Lady Quan Yin you see the perfection in your life. You see this perfection like a Thousand Petalled lotus. And from the Heart of the Lotus, you smell the sweet perfume of the Lady Quan Yin.

See yourself as a child of the Mother, held in Her Embrace. Child within Child.  Heart within Heart.  Mother within Mother. You float in an Ocean of Peace.

Silent healing or meditation

Child of My Heart, I speak to you in dreams, Child of My Heart, Eternally One, Together forever. Child of My Heart.

 So sayeth the Lady Quan Yin. 

Let Her come to you in dreams. Let Her come to you in song. Let Her come to you in joy. Mother of All Mothers. 

You are healed through Her Heart. Rejoice. See yourself as a child within Her Heart and there you remain.


You leave an aspect of yourself in Her Embrace, continuing to receive the healing.

 Another part of you returns to your physical body by breathing more deeply.

You bring with you an awareness of the Heartbeat of the Mother.

 Bring back with you Her Touch, Her Caress, Her healing Light.

Bring  back with you the Light of the inner worlds into your conscious mind into your daily life.


We send our prayers of gratitude to the White Tara and Her angels,

the Angels of Hope, Angels of Grace and Mother Quan Yin. 

We ask that Their Light, their Grace, Their healing and protection

stay with you now and in the future. 

Chandra Easton

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