Lady Yasodhara Meditation

“Recommended Music  Asher – Celestine” or something gentle

Sit comfortably in your chairs, with your feet firmly on the floor, straight back, hands in your lap or wherever you prefer.  Place your awareness upon your breath.

Begin to consciously breathing in to the count of 4.   Holding your breath to the count of 4. Breathing out to the count of 4.

With every breath you take, you completely relax.  Letting go of thoughts, letting go of the mind. Breathing in peace; breathing out everything else.

Place your awareness in the centre of your chest, the seat of the heart chakra, the place of connection to your soul and Spirit.

Breathing in and out, perfect peace.  And as you breathe you feel your heart expanding.

Visualise a radiant white star above the crown of your head.  Breathing rose pink Light;  see it spiralling rose pink and golden Light –  connecting your heart chakra with this radiant star, above the crown of your head.

Feeling the connection through your heart, through the star.   Together as a group, we turn our hearts and minds towards the Lady Yasodhara.

Yasodhara Buddha

Together we pray:-

“Beloved Lady Yasodhara overshadow everyone here today, enfold their hearts within your love, within your joy.”

Breathing deeply, visualize our group surrounded by a deep blue circle of protective light, which comes to us from the realms transcendent.  With your breath, link your heart to everyone else seated here today.  Together as a group we call upon the Heart of the Lady Yasodhara,

Bliss Mother of Earth, overshadow us now,

lift us through your angels to the inner realms of love, to your joy.”

Pay attention to  your breathing and lifting with your breath, up through your heart chakra, through the star of your I AM Presence and into the light of the Angels of the Lady Yasodhara.

Visualize or imagine yourself to be free from your physical body; always connected to your body, but free.  Moving through time and space.

Together as a group we travel to the Garden of Lady Yasodhara.  Her Heart draws us closer to Her through her garden.  You feel beauty all around you. Feel your feet upon the grass, you smell roses, the scent of rose emanates from Her heart.

You are touched by  the sacredness and beauty of this most beauteous garden.   Every cell in your body relaxes;   you feel the Presence of love, the Presence of angels, all around you.  You have travelled to this garden to heal your heart; to find yourself and heal yourself.

Angels of the Lady Yasodhara approach you; they stand with you and they ask :-

“Are you ready for love?  

Are you ready to open your heart and your mind to love?”


And now you find the place in the garden that calls you. You may see yourself surrounded by roses; you could be sitting on a bench overlooking the garden;  you might be lying on the grass under an expansive tree.  Find the place that is just right for you.   When you are ready, open your heart and your mind to the angels of Lady Yasodhara and silently, in your own words, ask them to heal you, to redeem you, to forgive you, to love you.


Simply allow their love to enter into you.  Feel the pores in your skin opening to receive love; all the cells in your body are opening to love.  Simply let the love flow.  Breathing in love, breathing out everything else.  Simply let the love flow.


If thoughts or feelings disturb you, acknowledge them and let them go as you breathe them out.  Dare to love.  Put your faith in love and in the healing power of love.  Fill yourself with love and open your heart and mind to love.  Heal yourself with love.


The divine Presence of your soul and Spirit overshadows you; it heals you. Angels of the Lady Yasodhara heal you.


Feel yourself lifting into the light of Love.  before you a most beautiful pink rose appears; it’s fragrance is all around you.  Consciously merge with the Heart of the Rose.  Find yourself upon a pathway, it’s  the Way of the Heart, which leads to the Lady of Roses, Lady Yasodhara, to her Temple, to her heart.

Follow the pathway; fragrance and the Light of the rose is all around you.  Yasodhara’s  Angels walk with you.

The path leads directly to Her Temple, a most beautiful Temple.  You see it now in the distance, shimmering, translucent, enfolded in rose, golden and pure white Light.

The energy of Love flows towards you; it draws you like a magnet to the outer portal of this Temple, to the Mother of Earth, and future Buddha of earth, Lady Yasodhara.


Climb the steps to Her Temple and you become aware that you are not alone.  Other souls seeking love, seeking joy, seeking the Christ, have travelled with you.  Together, slowly one by one, we prepare to enter the Temple.  Reverently we place our hands in prayer position and bow, as we silently cross the threshold, into Her loving embrace.

Yasodhara’s angels approach and direct you to your seat.  Wave upon wave of golden and rose pink Light pulsates around this Temple.  It emanates from the altar, from the very Heart of Yasodhara.  Consciously attune your heart and your breath to Her heart by focusing upon this altar, which radiates golden and rose Light from the centre of the room.


Your consciousness is expanding as Buddha Light flows towards you.  Breathe it in.  The whole temple is filled with golden and rose Buddha Light. Breath it in.


The essence of Yasodhara, the joyful Buddha is all around you now.  You feel her love, feel Her joy.  And if you wish you can simply give your heart to Her.  Invite Her to step deeply into your life – you family, you work, your relationships, your service work in the world.  Invite Her in. Allow Her love to heal you.


Lady Yasodhara speaks:

The Heartlight of Lady Yasodhara touches you and heals you.  It surrounds and enfolds you as She speaks directly to your soul and Spirit.

 “ I am the Lady Yasodhara, I  journey from the from the Heart of earth, I journey from Shamballa to be with you now.  Learn to trust your heart and  follow your heart in all matters and then you simply cannot go wrong.   

Life can be harsh,  sometimes cruel.  People are not always kind and forgiving; but despite all this, there is always love.  

The deepest, truest, most sacred love is found in your heart chalice within.  Don’t look for love in the outer world, seek it within.  Don’t look for forgiveness from others, seek it within.

As you explore your heart, you will uncover joy; a fount of joy so profound, infinite and uplifting. 

The journey to the Heart of Love is worth the effort. It is worth every step, all the trials and tribulations –  but you alone must take these steps.   

Your soul is forged in the fire of the heart and through this fire, grace flows.  Unending, everlasting, overpowering grace is yours, when you seek within.   

Receive the blessings of my touch.  Receive my love, feel my joy and simply become yourself.  Your most radiant, vibrant, life affirming Self.

And when you find this Self, celebrate and give of yourself to others and all will be revealed.  Receive my blessings and take them with you on your journey.

Godspeed.  In my name, Godspeed.”


You find yourself again in the Temple of your own heart.

We send our prayers of gratitude to beloved Yasodhara and Her angels for their Touch, their healing Light.  Leave an aspect of yourself in Her garden, being healed;  leave an aspect of yourself in deep meditation within Her Temple, receiving love.

Turn your attention to your body; begin to breathe more deeply now.  Following the light your return to the temple of your soul, your physical body. Knowing that you can call upon the angels of Yasodhara for healing, for guidance, for love.

Focus on your breath and feel yourself back in your body, aware of your surroundings, returning to waking consciousness.

The meditation is over now.

Chandra Easton
26th April, 2012

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