Lady Isis, Rose of Ascension


Temple, Kingston on Thames London 5th July, 2013

An evening’s talk and heartfelt songs with Chandra Easton and Arjuna Govinda from Australia, about Lady Isis, Rose of Ascension  and her unique role within the Plan for humanity and the earth.

Isis calls us as we move through the Great Change into the Age of the Heart.  In concert with the Divine Mothers and her Ascension Angels, She eases suffering and assists in our ascension. Talk 1hr 12 mins

Isis, Rose of Ascension

Isis, Rose of Ascension

Isis, Queen of Heaven, Mother of Egypt, her history in the ancient past and her role in the Age of Aquarius. E-book $3.00 or Hardcopy $28 inc. postage in Australia included. 111 pages


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