Hermes Meditation


Be still and know that I AM God

You prepare to commence your journey; you take with you a cloak of protection, water for the journey, a Light for dark places, a staff to support yourself and others and a gift for Hermes.

Entering into your journey, just before dawn, you find yourself in a lush forest, full of towering trees and vegetation, birds are singing where the scent  and the feel of the earth and the forest is strong. With joy in your heart you follow the path before you as it winds its way through the densest part of the forest.

After a while it emerges out of the forest onto a rocky beach, where the rolling waves of the ocean plays Natures glorious symphony.  A deep red sun dawns over the ocean.

Pause to savour and breathe in the beauty of the Dawn

.staff of hermesYou feel the sand beneath your feet, the sun on your back; the ocean and the wind caress you.  Looking about you see above you a narrow footpath winding up the cliff above you.  You are standing at the base of a mountain and its peak is shrouded in clouds. Using your staff, you begin with strength and steadiness to climb the steep path.

By midday you reach a grassy outcrop halfway up the mountain.  A beautiful breeze blows in from the sea.  You move towards the cliff and look out over a spectacular view of the ocean and the forest below.  The wind and the sun are invigorating.  You lie down in the grass for a moment to soak up their healing energies.

Refreshed you rise and resume your climb up the mountain.  Aware that the sun is westering, you hasten your climb, moving swiftly and surely.  . . . .The path is steeper and more difficult now.

Suddenly it forks and a smaller Path branches off the main Path and turns downward into a small canyon.  In the subdued light of the canyon you see the flickering orange light of a fire near the entrance to a large cave.

As you focus on this cave you move swiftly and surely along the path and in no time at all you find yourself at its entrance.  In front of the cave, a giant bonfire burns, illuminating the Way.

You feel the travellers, other seekers on their Quest from the past who have passed this Way before you and left the Fire to guide you on your Way.

Before you two great wooden doors with crystal doorknobs tower overhead. Your heart begins to beat faster.  Carefully you place your hand upon the doorknobs and the heavy doors slide easily open at your touch.  Silently you enter into stillness of the cave.

You walk into a brilliantly lit inner chamber. As you look around you notice that everything is radiant, pure white.  In the centre of the room a large golden cube rests upon an altar.

Four columns stretching from floor to ceiling surround you.  As you move towards the centre of the Temple a protective pure electronic Light emanates from a creating a force field which surrounds you  and the golden cube upon the altar.

Before your eyes a diamond-white electronic Light descends in all its radiance around the altar and the golden cube.  In the centre of this radiant electronic force field, a pink light begins to appear.

From within the pink light a tall figure emerges.  He is taller than any man and bathed in a shimmering emerald green Light.  His body is transparent; His heart the shape of an ibis bird and His brain that of a glimmering emerald.  Gradually his body takes a more solid form.  He stands before you in flowing robes of deep blue and gold, with golden sandals on His feet.

He is crowned with a purple, richly embroidered turban emblazoned with the Solar Disk resting in the cradle of the Crescent Moon.  In His left hand he holds a fluttering winged staff entwined with two vibrant serpents, whose tongues dart towards you and whose eyes seek yours.

He acknowledges your presence with an intense gaze of joy and reconnection. He radiates a vibrant Love and Wisdom. You feel His presence within your heart.

I AM the Son of the Star of Heaven

Mankind, I have known throughout the ages.

I AM Hermes, Thrice Born Son of the Star of Heaven.

I bring you light, I bring you joy.

I bring you connection to your Divine self.

Receive Me.   Open you heart to me.  Welcome Me.

I AM the Mother and the Child,

I God, I Matter I am.


From deep within your heart you acknowledge Him in  your own way.

Hermes lifts his Wand and a stream of living Light enters your Heart charka.  You know yourself, past, present and future. Allow yourself to receive and experience this living Light.

Hermes speaks to you deep within your heart – receive His message.  You  answer Him; speaking Heart to Heart. In reverence you give your gift to Him.

When you are ready slowly come back to your body by breathing more deeply.

Chandra Easton

September 2010

Reykjavik, Iceland

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