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Holy Mother Meditations

Starlight Meditation with Lady Isis

World Mother Meditation

Lady Yasodhara Meditation

Meditation with Lady Magdalene

Meditation into the Heart of Lady Quan Yin transcript

Demeter and Persephone Meditation

Meditation into the Light of Truth – Lady Pallas Athena


Healing Breath of Dragon Mother


New Earth Meditation



Healing of our Maternal Bloodline

Spiritual Festivals  & Buddha Meditations

  Summer Solstice meditation – approaching Christmas

  Heart of the Mountain

Hermes Meditation


Lord Shiva Meditation

In the Footsteps of Holiness



Easter : Festival of the Grail 49 mins.



Great Year Ends: Total Solar Eclipse 20th March 2015 38 mins



Asala Festival 31 mins



Mary of Magdala 29 mins



Awakening to Higher Light – astrological talk 1:18



Isis Rose of Ascension 1:12



Children of the New Civilization: 40 mins


All Things Esoteric . . . .

Heavens Above – astrological articles . . . .