One Heart, One Light, One Earth

Great Change is afoot on Earth as the Light, Love and Power of Shamballa (spiritual foci for the Will of God on Earth) intensify beyond all precedent. We are witnessing the Birth of a new Age, with all its attendant birth pangs.

World Aspirant

Taurus Shamballa

We evolve as a family of humanity. While one person on earth remains in darkness, we all exist in darkness. The tests of Taurus are epitomized by the World Disciple Hercules, who was tested in his capacity to control matter. His task was to capture the sacred bull on Crete, bringing it to the mainland for delivery to the King. This test symbolizes humanity’s need to harness our lower nature (greed, sensuality, inequality between sexes, desire to possess and control) and lift our efforts towards a higher purpose. The Taurean keynote, which applies to us all at this juncture is, “Let struggle be undismayed.

Hercules succeeded in capturing and taming the bull and rode it triumphantly into Cyclops. Cyclops represents the single eye of illumination, which we access, however briefly, when we choose to put aside self-interest in favour of a higher purpose. When we succeed through an effort of higher will to tame our lower nature then we can truly say, “ I see and when the eye is opened, all is Light.

Decay of Old Paradigm

Taurus, on a material level, governs landmasses, physical resources (farming, food, shelter, possessions, homes and money), as well as loved ones. We continue to experience ongoing breakdown of some of Earth’s landmass’s, commencing with an increased acceleration of the melting of the Southern Polar ice cap.  Displaced people around the world, refugees, will increase in a seemingly never-ending tide of human misery; homelessness and war will escalate. Increasing contamination of our food chain, (due to poisoning of our land/oceans,aquafers/air through environmental and food toxins is proliferating globally:- Coal Seam Gas, Weather Engineering, Fluoride, Genetically Modified Organism, Electro Magnetic Radiation, as well as and events such as Fukushmia Nuclear radiation spills.  These are increasing the scarcity or contamination of many staple foods and drinking water.

Throughout this phase the battle for control and power over land, oil, fire, earth, air, water, Nature and Her resources continues. Banking/finance and multi-national corporations, currently in control of our fair planet’s physical resources and material structures, will attempt to tighten their vice-like grip upon the masses, through the removal of cash and gradual control of digital currencies. What we are experiencing is the fight to the death between the bull and Hercules. In some countries it will become more difficult to use cash as currency, as electronic money and credit systems attempt to replace money and barter. Cash transactions may disappear in some sectors, further binding us to billionaire corporations.

Principles before profit

On a higher turn of the spiral, Taurus is the sign of developing spiritual aspirancy. A yearning for higher idealism and Light is felt within the heart of these people who can no longer countenance the greed and self-interest of global multi-national corporations and despotic governments. The World Aspirant rises to the challenge and stands up. Apathy gives way to inner resolution; a stand is taken at some point, on some issues, even if it means renouncing the safety and security of one’s home, livelihood and physical well-being. To share what we have (food, accommodation, resources, money) letting go of me and mine in favour of us and our is the way forward to victory. “Principles before profit” is the test. These principles pull upon the heartstrings of spiritually inclined people of earth. Will they respond?

Buddhic Light

buddha light of earth

On yet a higher turn of the spiral these same Taurean energies provide a vehicle for beatific Buddhic Light, through which the Power of God flows unimpeded. Those who response to the Call and open their hearts, voices, homes and wallets in service to the greater Light, will be supported and protected during these difficult times. Their response could include challenging corruption within power structures/organizations; growing safe, wholesome food for communities; building sustainable homes from resources at hand; speaking out or singing on behalf of those who suffer. In whatever way you feel called to act, know that by responding to these higher Taurean vibrations you increase the flow of Light through you, to the world in need.

Blue Sword of Divine Will

From the apex of Taurus, Shamballic Power descends. As a mighty blue sword it pierces the core of materialism, self-interest, apathy and injustice. Through the higher disciples and Initiates of earth, a veritable flood of Divine Will descends upon humanity. Every year during the Full Moon of Wesak (birth, death and enlightenment of Gautama Buddha), we have the opportunity to be lifted on a cresting waves towards this holy Shamballic Light. Throughout this time, portals open inviting us to step closer to our soul’s essence, in order that the work of global redemption can proceed apace.

Spiritual Fire descends and is manifested as bushfires, drought, erraticism in global climate patterns. The purpose of this Fire is to root out apathy, greed and self-interest, wherever it exists. We are called to examine our hearts and minds; to share food, shelter, protection, resources, our voice, as a living birthright to those in greater need.

One Heart, One Light, One Earth

Risen earth

We have the opportunity to work together for the betterment of all, towards One Heart, One Light, One Earth. Life in the future will be defined by the principles upon which we stand.

Principals before profit”

Our earth is slowly evolving to become a sacred planet within our Solar System; lifted through our united hearts, through the Heart of Lady Isis, Rose of Ascension, Earth will become the Land of Isis. Together we are One Heart, One Light, One Earth

Let us put aside ambition and greed and stand together, united and proud of the things that matter:– family, community, sanctity of earth, shared resources, justice for the dispossessed. Let us refuse to be cowed by those, who would trample our life and liberty in their unholy pursuit of greed and power.

United we stand

One heart one earth

We are only as strong as our united hearts. Mahatma Gandhi taught us to gather in non-violent civil disobedience. Woody Guthrie lifted us with his anthem, “We Shall Overcome”. Martin Luther King inspired us with his vision “I have a dream”. Lady Ananda Tara Shan healed us with the mantra “Love is all there is”. So let us gather, stand, unite, sing, dream and love in order that Light, Love and Power continues to flow in a mighty torrent towards humanity and the earth.

United we stand as a chalice for Grail Light, Buddha Light and Mother’s Light.
United we stand in solidarity against the tide of evil.
United we stand, throughout this time of conflict, stress, dis-ease.
United we stand.

Questions remain

We are our own worst enemies. Our inertia, apathy and inability to resolve conflict harmlessly; compromise of our principles, as well as deeply rooted habits of denial, repression and appeasement:- these are just a few of the seeds of our self-undoing. Questions remain:

Will enough of humanity stand up?  
Will enough of humanity speak up?
Will enough of humanity refuse to avert their eyes and merge with their soul Light?
 These questions will be decided, now and in the future, by virtue of our free will.

Holy Ones

Earth’s Spiritual Hierarchy and the Angelic Kingdom are our spiritual leaders and protectors. They stand ready to assist, ready to guide, ready to lead and yet we must choose the Light. Throughout these years look for new leaders of the Children of the Heart, as They step forward onto the world stage.

Humanity find themsleves in the grip of our age-old history of war and religious fundamentalism. Out of this struggle will eventually emerge lives lived in the spirit of peace. As we enter into the Aquarian Age with it’s cleansing violet and purifying and protective white Light, we are called to renounce harm and hatred perpetuated towards each other.  We can no longer bear the suffering. Earth can no longer bear the suffering.

Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael heals the earth

We stand now in the early dawn of the new Age of the Heart. Archangel Michael, Protector of the Christ, has amassed his Holy Host and rides now for the victory of Light on Earth. All those who would stand and ride with Him are called to respond.

He calls for action. He calls for the protection of the persecuted. He calls for courage in the face of amassed evil.

Let us respond to the call to arms.
Let us respond to the higher vibration of the Archangelic Host.
Let us expand our hearts and minds and stand firm upon our refusal to hate.
Let us close the door to evil, within ourselves, within our nations and our racial collective unconscious.
Let us invoke the mighty Fire, which exists within the body of the Earth
 to purify this Earth.
Let us call for the cleansing power of the Waters of the Earth
 to heal and purify our emotional bodies.

Let love rule the Earth.

Angelic Host

Archangel Michael, one of the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse, along with Archangel’s Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, and the Lady Archangels Faith, Hope, Mary and Donna Grace and others, stand as portals to the New Day Dawning all over Earth. You are invited to approach and step through this portal, into the Safe Haven of the Holy Mothers of Earth.  Through Them you are held in the Loving Embrace of Lord Maitreya, Who is our current Bodhisattva, World Teacher of Angels and Humanity and the Fifth and future Buddha of Earth.

Into His Flaming Heart, take Refuge.

Chandra Easton