Ode to Scorpio

Transcend, transcend lift up your eyes
Offer forth your sacrifice upon the altar of the wise.
Bend the knee, bow the head, find the true place.
Renounce all, free the self, let the heart's love embrace.

Free the prison, break the chains, redeem the little self.
Fly like the eagle, become the glorious Oneself.
Dare to speak truth!  Dare to renounce lies!
Dare to stand tall amidst the wicked and the wise.

Speak only holiness, seal the lips to all else.
Speak Ill of none, lest the shadow enfold the Oneself.
Pursue the Path at all costs, never give up, never look back.

Climb the mountain, seek the heights through the shadows with all might.
Run the good race, seek e'er the Cause
Hold the Light high for one and for all.

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