Take Refuge

Take refuge in the mountain under Heaven’s gaze
The Path before you harkens, neath luminous Sun days.
Face turned to yonder peak, resolute you stand.
Feet on Alabaster Path, you are a grain of sand.
Dust on wind you dance; blessed by Buddha light
Fly towards the mountain, fly with all your might.
Nothing can be taken, leave it all behind
Resolute to mountain striding, the call within resides.
mountain lake heaven
Answering the aeons, face all winter storms
Sun upon the mountain, as the New Day dawns.
Everywhere in all ways, Mystery seeks itself
Forever and for all, for all and evermore.
Facing all illusions, nothing as it seems,
Anchored in the Heart of One indivisible Stream.
Alabaster Path it beckons, called to distant peak,
Hasten ere the shadows lengthen, to the Masters feet.

13th March, 2015