Chiron – Healer of All

I'm the newcomer, 
a blow in from worlds unknown. 
With a mission and a purpose,
to heal earthlings and their home.

A new age Knight in shining armour, 
upon the Rainbow Bridge I come.
To bring order out of chaos,
in a world that's come undone.

Ancient God of Wisdom, strength and healing
I speak in riddles, crystal clear.
I'm everything to everybody,
I'm the very thing you fear.

I'm your Angel, I'm your devil,
travelling upon the winds of fate.
Mystic , maverick, healer, witch,
I'm the very thing you hate.

I'm all weakness, I'm all strength, 
I am both rise and fall.
My purpose is to bind us,
Bring salvation to us all.

Ability, experience,
Now they're my claim to fame.
I'll turn my hand, roll up my sleeve,
with work I'm at my ease.

Unknown and unannounced I come,
so earthlings, please welcome me.
For chaos is my middle name,
and wholeness is my game.

Chandra Easton  1987

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