To the Children of the Path of Heart

My Sons and Daughters be with Me in Oneness.
As the many become the One.
The past reveals the future.
And so the many becomes the One.
Om   Om   Om  Om   Om   Om   Om

Through the Golden Heart of Compassion
The many become the One.
Through the Golden Stream of the Mind,
The many become the One.
Om  Om  Om   Om   Om  Om   Om
The Path of Heart, the Path for all.
The Path behind, the Path ahead.
Through the Golden Path, My Heart
The many become the One.
Om   Om   Om   Om   Om   Om   Om

How did my Brother Jesus teach those who sought the way?
How did He open the eyes of the blind,
 the hearts of the cruel, the souls of the lost?
“Such miracles” He said, “even you shall do”,
And so the ancient prophecies come to pass
And the many become the One.
So even as He taught, so shall yea.
Even as He healed,so shall yea
Even as He awakened so shall yea.
This is the miracle, the promise of Maitreya's Heart,
Maitreya's Promised Land.

Whereupon the many become the One Heart.
So sayeth I to all brethren of the Path of Heart.
 Go forth as He did.
In the Light of His Heart, His miracles,
So may the smallest participate,
thus becoming a part of the greater miracle.

And in this way the many lost become the One.
The blind are led, even as you have been led.
The many become the One.
On behalf of the I AM in you I awaken, I reveal, I heal,
I point the way that you may do as We do.

Blessings of Lord Koothumi Lal Singh to His people,
as they come through the sacred golden Om.
Om   Om   Om   Om   Om  Om   Om.
See before you a Prayer Book.
As you turn the pages let them enter into your heart.
You have become a part of the Prayers of the Holy Ones,
A page in Their books.

The sacred robes and sacred books of old
Are now carried within your heart.
Invisible to the outer world,
Visible only to those who have eyes to see.

Chandra Easton

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