The Christ Revealed

He is come.
Slowly, reverently, into the hearts of His children. He is come.
Benevolent face of thine Saviour. He is come.
Slowly, He steals into the hearts of His children. He is come.
Let Him in. Let Him in. He is come.
Holy Saviour of the world. He is come.
On wings of grace. He descends, He descends.
He is come. He is come.

Stand up for Christ,
Stand up now! He is come.
Like a ball of Fire, Christ moves within the heart of all.
He is come.

Awake.  Arise from the dead. He is come.
Roll away the stone.
Release the Living Christ. He is come.

Carry his radiance into the promised land. He is come.
Carry His message of hope to His children in need. He is come.
 Carry Him in your hearts for evermore. He is come.

My body, my Light, my Blood I give to you. I have come.
I nourish you, I heal you,I become you.I have come.
That you may give my Light, my Blood unto my children. I have come.

Chandra Easton

25th December, 2000

Letters from a loving Heart