Peace comes

Many steps make up your journey. My hands stretch out to guide you, to call you into love. Upon this earth great harm has happened from one person to another – one nation, one race, one culture, one religion; all pitted against others. This destructive way of living on the earth must stop.

Practice being at peace with yourself, your family and your neighbours. Peace grows inch by inch, day by day With your efforts, peace grows. Like a flower with a beauteous scent, peace takes root in your heart. It is an expression of your soul. When you seek to be in peace with others, it spread like a pure white cloud.


Remove yourself from vexatious people and situations, foster beauty and goodness. Let the white anemone of peace bloom in your heart. Let your heart become a garden of peace. And slowly peace will come to earth. Bathe in the sunshine of my love. Let peace be restored to you and yours.

Chandra Easton


Letters from a loving heart