Living in Soul Light

“Living your life in soul light is what is required.  If you sincerely wish to find the light within then follow me, for I will lead you out of darkness into the Light;  I will lead you out of despair and chaos towards hope. 

Follow me, and I will lead you from the old world to the new world.  My world is full of Light.  In my world, when you learn to live according to my Law, grace will overflow and overtake your life.

 So come, come, come into my world.  Come, come, come to me.  Will you come again into the Heart of the Christ?  Will you come once more into my abiding Presence?  Will you return to me and bring your children and your children’s, children to me?
My Law is the sacrament; the bread we break in honour of new life, new hope, and new society.  New communities will be gradually formed in my name, on this most beautiful Earth.
Over the next few hundred years, this Earth will slowly be transformed and become itself, a planet of Light; a planet of radiance, a planet of hope.  If you wish to be a part of this transformation; to take part in creating the foundation of a new society, built upon loving kindness, respect, harmlessness and a respect for Nature, then follow me.
If you wish to live in a world free from hatred, war, greed and annihilation, then follow me.  If you wish to be a member of a society who treasures balanced human relationships and lives the life of a peaceful warrior, then follow me. 

To follow in my footsteps is to step through the Doorway of Hope, onto the Way of the Heart.  This pathway has been outlined by my beloved Lady Ananda Tara Shan and Teachings for my Children of the Heart are available for all. 

So, follow me and together we will build a new society based on love."