Citadel of Love

Citadel of Love

2003.  It has been many years since humanity stood at the edge of the abyss and looked into the possibilities of greater darkness on the earth, and still the  mayhem, disease, poverty, violence, greed on earth continue.  How do we justify this?

Surely the time has come for the tide of human destruction to turn towards goodness?  Surely the time has come for the tide of human kindness to move beyond a gentle swell, beyond a cascading wave, to a  mighty oceanic sweep.  What needs to happen for humanity to open their hearts to the suffering of others?  Sometimes we feel the pain of others, when we have suffered the same pain.  Is this what it will take for humanity to rise up in loving-kindness? Do we all need to suffer disease, poverty, injustice or racial hatred before we come to the defense of our brothers and sisters?  Do we all need to feel persecuted, vilified, marginalized before we will come to the defense of our fellow humans?

The Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth would like to know what it will take before we stand amassed, shoulder to shoulder and cry enough!  Just as the flag of Liberty was raised by Joan of Arc, so once again the Flag of Liberty has been raised on the inner levels of earth.

Will you stand for your brothers and your sisters? Will you stand for your compatriots? Will you stand for your family and friends? Will you stand for the unknown oppressed? Will you stand for Justice, Liberty and Love? We stand. Hierarchy Stand.

So together we can make a difference. Together we will ride the storm to victory. Together we cry with one voice

Justice          Liberty          Peace on Earth

Together we will face the storm of darkness and drive it back. Together we will surround our planet with Light.  Together we unite within the Heart of All. Together we can overcome. Do you remember the sweet victory of love? Do you remember the sweet victory of the protection of innocence? Do you remember the sweet victory of the refusal of the shadow? Will you stand with us?

Come now to the citadel, to the Fortress of Light.  Come now to the citadel, to the Fortress of Hope. Come now to the citadel, to the Fortress of Love. We have prepared a Fortress of  Light, a Fortress of Hope, a Fortress of Love.  This is your Home, your place of protection. Come.

Within these walls of Light, Hope and Love We stand. Within these walls We fight.  Within these walls We are victorious. And so the Light, the Hope and the Love streams out all over Earth.  And so the Light, the Hope, the Love streams into the hearts of the lost, the troubled. Into their hearts We send our Light, our Hope, our Love.  Into their hearts We answer their prayers. Within their hearts, We respond.

We are always within arms reach of those who choose the Light.  We are never unreachable.  And so the victory proceeds.

Victory falls to the Heart

A victory for the Heart for All. A victory of Light. A victory of Justice. A victory of refusal. To refuse the darkness is to stand in the light of your soul.  To refuse the negativity within is to challenge the shadow of darkness.  So it is now that the Teachers on the inner need your support.  It is now that We call you into action. It is now that we stand shoulder to shoulder. The time for love is now. The time for action is now. The time for refusal is now. The time for steadfastness is now.

Let it be Now that you choose the Light. Let it be Now that you stand with your brothers and sisters. Let it be now that you find joy in a life of service. Let it be Now.

Chandra Easton


Maitreya’s Heart  by Henning de Willoughby Klibo