Be steady in My love

To all intents and purposes, the Seal of Solomon is in place. Those aspirants, probationaries and disciples who have pledged their troth to Me have a place in my heart. Together we turn to face the New Day. The world spins upon its own desire. Our world turns upon the nature of Love and the promise of renewal.

Whatever occurs, keep your faith with Me. Whatever misadventures come upon your shores, stay steady with Me in the Light. Whatever misfortune arises, meet it with love; stand with your brothers and sisters in the sure knowledge that together we will triumph over darkness, over despair, over cruelty and chaos, we will triumph. This world is birthing of itself kindness and compassion; her people are tested and stretched to full capacity.

Be steady in My love. Stay with Me. Be in the world, but not of the world. Stay with Me. Stand with each other in My love, stand tall, stand strong.

Let every moment count, let every action be of the heart. Fear not the future, fear not the loss of loved ones, fear not the passing of the old age, but turn with certain knowledge to face the rising Sun, turn towards hope.

Become Justice, become Love, become your shining Self.

Become, Become, Become.

Chandra Easton

15th July, 2015