Living Peace, the Way Forward

Doves of Peace are a Angel of Justicesymbol of hope for a better future.  This is what we wish to impart to you humanity –  that there is hope for a better future –  free of tyranny, free of bloodshed, free of religious intolerance and hypocrisy. This future you yearn for is a hair’s breath away.  This future peace can only come about if you are willing to forgo your security, your comforts, your fears in the present and take a stand for future peace.  Let you heart and mind lead you forward towards the peaceful outcomes you desire.  Living Peace is only to be won through right effort, brought forth through the courage of the heart.  Living Peace is not something to rally for, it is something to embody.  Living Peace is a consciousness, a willingness to sacrifice your individual comfort and security for the greater good.  It is not enough to wish that the governments of the day would put down their arms.  It is not enough to wish that Evil would disappear or be removed from the face of the earth.  It is not enough to dream of a future free of tyranny, bloodshed and oppression.

The Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth wish to know if you are willing to fight for such a peace?

To fight for peace with the courage of the heart is to place yourself at risk –  to risk scorn, misunderstanding and alienation.  Are you willing to stand up for the Christ?  Are you willing to risk sanctions from those who do not understand that a Just Peace, a Living Peace cannot be attained for all without the sacrifice of your own personal peace.  Within the void which exists within the world at large there is a space for those hearts and minds who seek peace for all.

If you could only understand humanity that the Dove of Peace, the Holy Spirit, fights with the Spiritual Hierarchy to remove from the earth the tyranny of darkness.

This tyranny of darkness has walked the earth for millennium.  This tyranny of darkness has been harboured in the hearts and minds of people from all culture’s all religions, all walks of life.  If you wish to be rid of the tyranny of darkness which is erupting all over earth, as well as in certain focal points, then you must look to the recesses of your hearts and minds.  You must be willing to rid yourselves of your own darkness.  In this way a Just Peace, a Living Peace for all will be attained.  If you sit back and wait for the leaders of the world to resolve the global crisis, you may well wait in vain.  If you rally and cry for peace, whilst refusing steadfastly to change your own selfish or complacent attitudes you risk joining or aiding the Forces of Darkness.

We who guide humanity seek to point the way forward to a Just Peace, a Living Peace according to the Noble Eightfold Path of the Buddha.  This Path asks you to search within, identify and remove the source of suffering within your lives.  This source is the darkness hidden within your own hearts and minds – your greed, your desires, your pride, your jealousy, your hatred.  Do you secretly wish to blame others for the state of the world today?  Do you secretly feel safe whilst others are threatened and homeless?  Do you secretly feel complacent and rich whilst others starve?  The Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth wish to know the inner secrets of your heart.  We wish to fathom the depths of your heart and mind.  We have no favourites, no race, no party politics.  No creed, nor colour, nor religion is exempt from Our embrace.  We seek to embrace those who show themselves as willing to expose the recesses of their hearts and minds for scrutiny.  Do you harbour selfishness?  Do you harbour hatred?  Do you harbour religious intolerance?  Do you harbour complacency?  What point is there in crying for peace in the outer world if such darkness and chaos is allowed to fester unchallenged in the corners of your heart and mind?  To attain true peace of mind you must be able to live with yourself, whilst looking in the full light of day at your foibles, your secret jealousies, needs and power games.

Are you willing to stand before the Christ with your heart and mind exposed?  Are you willing to stand before the Board of Karma and let all be revealed.  Or are you hiding behind the veneer of ignorance, the veneer of apathy, or the veneer of righteousness?  Are you hiding in the depths of your own shadow, thus aiding the festering shadow of Darkness to overtake this beautiful planet?  Or are you truly searching for Living Peace?  If so, We welcome you dear brothers and sisters to the Cause of Maitreya, the Buddha-to-Be, Heart of the Earth.  If so, We welcome you to His Army, to His Heart Light.  We who work for Justice, We work to liberate all souls from the darkness of the aeons.  We work for Justice, We work for the Law.  We work for the Heart of All Hearts, the Lord Maitreya Buddha.

Are you with us humanity?  Will you stand for Justice?  Will you stand for the Law?  Will you stand in the midst of chaos and uncertainty?  Will you stand in the light of your soul?  This is what We wish to know.  This is the question We ask you to consider.  Will you stand with us now, aligned with the Forces of Righteousness, the LightBearers of Earth?  Once again we stand like Krishna upon the field of Battle.  Again the ancient waters part.  The opponent is revealed.

Will you stand with us now!

on behalf of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth 

Chandra Easton

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