Rain of Blessings

We exist, within your cauldron Fire

Stars of your night, beacon so bright.

Forever and always, ray of your Sun,

from Venus We come.

Holograph planet-earth-stars-space-earth-art-universe-nebula-space_p

We reside, deep within Divine Embrace

Strings of your Harp, salve of your Grace.

Forever and always, peace of the Dove, through Neptune We Love.

Always, forever, Stars of your Night from firmaments bright.

Holograph planet-earth-stars-space-earth-art-universe-nebula-space_pWe remain, embers of your cauldron Flame

Pearls of your chain, jewels in your crown.

Forever and always, grail of your heart,

Through Sirius We sound.

Holograph planet-earth-stars-space-earth-art-universe-nebula-space_p

We release, atoms of your cauldron Power

Words of your Law, light of your Night.

forever and always, Deity bright, through Galaxies shower.

Always, forever, through Deity bright to earth we alight.

Chandra Easton


Letters from a loving Heart