Awakening the Fire Within

Heartscape Australia

Sunday 23rd November 1 – 5 pm


As the Sun transits the sign Sagittarius, a sign of spiritual aspiration, join us for talk and songs based upon the theme of increasing the light within ourselves and upon the earth.  

Awakening and Directing the Fire Within   Rev. Neville Anderson

“Using the Bible as a source book, I speak of the manifestation of Spirit, seen by the mystic as fire. This enables the mystic to enact the Mysteries”

The igniting power of Sound, Voice and Sacred Intent    Kaaren Hawkes

Every human voice carries the fiery codes that can connect us with spirit, open the heart, create, heal, transform, harmonize and tune us to “the conductor”  Let’s begin  exploring this with sacred intent!                                                                                                                                 

4:00– 5:00          Awaken to Spirit with Heartsong     Dwija & Arjuna


Reverend Neville Anderson  Esoterically, I have been following a path of spiritual discernment all my life, a path that led me to become a student of Kabbalah. This has given me a personal gnosis of formative depth, that has enriched my catholic faith.

Kaaren Hawkes is a sound healer and student of the Ancient Wisdom Teachings. She has a background in psychology and Jungian psychotherapy and has accompanied many people on their healing journeys. Kaaren has presented previously around transpersonal communication with angels.

Heartsong: Arjuna Govinda a student of spiritual psychology and eastern philosophy, expresses his heart and spirit through sacred songs, sharing love, joy and gratitude for life.

David (Dwija) Mandara is a writer, singer-songwriter with a love of ancient mantras and a natural affinity for most things Indian and Tibetan.

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