Earth Healing Services

We are living through the Great Change. Life on earth is increasingly difficult and precarious for many people. If you would like to participate in an online prayer and meditation group, to heal yourself and increase the Light on Earth, please contact Chandra.

Various Services

We use various Service formats according to the energies needed at the time.

  • Karma Release – the Grail Light of redemption and transformation
  • Higher Light Meditation – harnessing Light to cleanse and uplift aura
  • New Earth Service – co-operation with the Angelic host through Ascension Light
  • Justice, Liberty & Hope – transformative empowerment and hope
  • Shiva Shakti – accessing the Will and Love of Father Mother God
  • World Mother – to neutralize darkness within and to increase Light on Earth
  • Jesus – to neutralize old suffering through the Light of Forgiveness 
  • Peace – we pray for peace and healing within ourselves, humanity and the world
  • Buddha – we go for refuge in the Valley of Peace, awaiting Buddha Light
  • Truth – through the Heart of Lady Pallas Athena
  • Maitreya – entering into the love of the Buddhas
  • Angel – co-operating with the Angels, sending peace abroad
  • Australian – invoking healing for the First Nations people of this land


Currently we meet most Monday evenings in Australia (AEST) by Zoom invitation. Sessions generally lasts between 45 – 60 mins. No charge involved; however late entry is not permitted.


We often use the beautiful songs of Arjuna Govinda in these Services . . . .