Birth of Loving Kindness

Societal Restructure

Since 2012 society as we knew it,  has been systematically restructured.  The purpose of this restructure is to bridge the gap between our inner and outer selves:  to remind us that we are souls having a human experience, with the express purpose of learning about the nature and application of Love.

birth_Einar Jonsson

No-one on earth has been exempt from this process.   Upon reflection you may ask yourself –   What have I released?  What courageous actions have I taken that have moved my life forward in leaps and bounds?  How have I responded to this call to recycle the old in my life?  If you have begun to embrace change, then no doubt you will be able to see some progress, as your past has been released or recycled. Irrespective of which area of life has been under your soul’s spotlight – attitudinal, physical, emotional, relationships, financial, health, career, family – now is the time to acknowledge and celebrate your success thus far.  Then prepare to take the next step.

Finding the inner courage and conviction to respond to these transformational energies of  is not always easy.  In hindsight, you may find that you don’t even miss what has been stripped away; in fact you may even feel joyful around the breakthroughs/loss, however hard your journey over the last couple of years has been.  Now is not the time to rest upon your laurels.

The Great Change

Collectively we have weathered many phases of this planetary transformation – we are living through the Great Change.   By reviewing the last decade you may remember how far you have come.  Reviewing may also stimulate you to further courageous action.  Having made some progress, the next step may now be revealed to you.  Irrespective of your age, gender, nationality, religion – we are all in this together – there is inner and outer work to do.  The purpose of this transformation is to release the outer layers; and expose the inner kernel, the soul purpose of your life.

One heart one earth

One Family

The purpose of humanity’s existence on earth is to recognize and begin to act as if we are all one family, one humanity, one brother/sisterhood.  By reflecting on your own life the next area that needs your attention may become apparent. It may be  that more loving kindness is required in a relationship; or forgiveness of an old enemy may be in order; or greater self-love and self nurturing may be required.  It could be that you are called upon to care and protect animals or the earth. Everyone’s focus is different and yet together we are one humanity.  We have only one earth upon which we reside.

Approaching the Heart of Love

When viewed through the astrological lens, you may find that some of the challenges, pain, suffering or loss that you have experienced in the last couple of years have now revealed their deeper purpose.  As a member of the human race we all have a dharma/spiritual duty to move closer towards the Heart of all Love. To feel loved and to share love; to trust and open to love; to pray that you are used as a vehicle for goodwill on earth – these are just a few of the myriad ways we can open to Love.  The social, environmental, political and financial turmoil we see all over the earth exists because of the lack of goodwill and love within humankind.

Heart of Maitreya - Fifth and future Buddha of Earth

We are in the midst of an enormous struggle to birth our collective heart consciousness.  This struggle, this birth is known as the Great Change, and the entire process spans several hundred years. By focusing upon our individual progress and celebrating the change in our individual lives; we aid the collective hope and the birth of loving kindness on earth.  We are in the midst of a spiritual revolution, however this spiritual birth is rarely documented or celebrated through mainstream media outlets.  It is up to us to celebrate the Light, the joy and progress in our lives.  When we celebrate we share this Light and this joy, then it flows through us to those in need.  Through such a celebration and sharing we unite to collectively hold Earth’s light on high.  In this way we  can successfully navigate the darkest hours before the dawn. Hope springs eternal.


Music has always been there in my life – providing seeds of hope, love, joy and forgiveness.   Arjuna Govinda has put some of my thoughts and words to beautiful tunes.  If you find that they lift and inspire you please share.

copyright-symbol  Chandra Easton

Birth sculpture Einer Jonsson


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