Light of the Soul

Workshop Series

August – December 2017        

10:00 am  –  4:00 pm,  Daylesford area

This series of seven training workshops is specifically designed, but not limited to,  practitioners in caring or service oriented professions.  Those who resonate with this training, are also welcome to attend these workshops.

The challenges of working in sectors such as – community health, education, social welfare, disability, aged care, psychology, nursing, private practice and front line emergency workers – can include burnout and ongoing fatigue. In order to manage the stresses of such work, regular personal rejuvenation is essential – an annual holiday is simply not sufficient.

Workshops include a mix of interactive group dynamics, esoteric teachings and spiritual healing. Each workshop provides you with the opportunity to recharge your battery, gain new skills and reinvigorate your personal and professional goals.


When we understand ourselves as souls, we then strive to relate to the soul in others. When we engage with people from the heart, we enter into transformational service.  When we receive nurture, education, healing and inspiration we grow spiritually, and our service in the world is enriched.

Ongoing training and professional support is essential in order to maintain ones inner strength and compassion, while facilitating practical outcomes for those we serve. As practitioners we have the opportunity to be vehicles for transformation in the lives of the people we encounter in our workplace.


LIFE OF THE SOUL    Sat 12th August

Ethics and the Path, Soul light, Cosmology and Spiritual Law, Enlightened Ones, World Mother, Science of Meditation, Planes of Consciousness and the esoteric landscape.

PATH OF  HEART      Sat 23rd Septembert

Major Rays of the Soul  – Rays One, Two, Three, Inner Ashrams, Angelic Kingdom, Light of ascension, rise of the feminine and the Magdalene Path, One Heart – the realm of the super-conscious mind, lower & higher mind, meditation and prayer, working with intuition and creative manifestation.

FINDING BALANCE    Sat.  14th October

Minor Rays of the Soul – Rays Four, Five, Six, burnout and foundations for self-care,  dealing with psychosis, breakdown or breakthrough, role of prayer and faith in professional practice.

ALCHEMY                      Sat.  4th November

Incorporating alchemical and purification practices, finding the courage to change, Vulcan and the 1st Ray, Kundalini, Uranus and the 7th Ray, decrees and invocations – tools for transformation

AURIC FIELD                Sat 25th November

Foundation of personal responsibility, Saturn and the Path, as seen in our aura and birthchart, Laws of Karma, 3 types of Light, chakras and inner bodies of the aura, developing higher senses,  clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance, Deva/Angel Kingdom – intermediaries of the soul.

INTO THE HEART      Sat, 17th December

Subconscious patterns, Solar Plexus chakra, healing trauma and emotional wounds, beyond addictions, compassion, heart chakra and Buddhic realm, from logic to transcendence, forgiveness and crown chakra, Venus and the Light of Truth.


Unconditional love and Jupiter, beyond fear to joy, Law of Evolution, evolving consciousness, Three Wheels, managing transition,  role of mentors teachers and Teachings, managing conflict, Mercury and its role in resolving duality and facing our shadow.

Dates may change subject to unforeseen circumstances.


Module One         $270         3  workshops:        August & September

Module Two        $360          4  workshops:       October – December

Individual Workshops    $100  each               paid in advance

Due:  Module One:  50% by 31tst July, 2017    balance by 12th August

Training workshops will continue in 2018


These workshops draw  upon Chandra’s lifelong experience as a practitioner across many disciples, (community education and development, esoteric astrology, disability advocacy, esoteric psychology, spiritual healing, workshop facilitation and rehabilitation) as well as her dedication to spiritual practices for more than 30 years.  Throughout her career and spiritual journey Chandra has gained valuable skills and practical insights which she blends effortlessly in working with people.  Her experience and insight into human nature and soul life  fosters a unique approach and insight which is shared in these groups in a supportive, practical and professional manner.


Chandra   Ph 03 5348-1077

Grandmother Moon Lodge

21b  Cerini Lane, Eganstown.

8 kms from Daylesford