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Enrolment Enquiries welcome  – 2019


Feeling stressed or out of balance.  A limited number of appointments are available once a month on a Friday, with Diamond Light Healing student practitioners. Discounted  1 hr sessions which include an Angelic Aura Cleanse and Spiritual Healing – supervised by Chandra.  Students have 18 months experience with Chandra Easton. If you would like to book in, please contact Chandra.  Please note this is a mobile free venue – leave all devices in your car.  Daylesford region, Central Victoria

DIAMOND LIGHT esoteric education is suitable for practitioners of the social/health/creative/healing arts who wish to gain deeper insight into the nature of Light and the Path and its practical application. The Esoteric Sciences of the Seven Rays and the Science of Light, underpin all life on earth; they inform the newly emerging professions of Esoteric Healing and Esoteric Psychology.


  1. Spiritual Law & Soul Life, Foundations of Light, Holy Mother
  2. Rays and the Heart of spiritual practice
  3. Angels, Alchemy and the Heart lotus
  4. The Path and Initiations
  5. Seven Ray Healing
  6. Radiant Path of Soul Service
  7. Living in Light

MODULES  This training is comprised of several modules of workshops. Commitment to one module at a time is required.  Courses are comprised of either four or five modules and take between approximately 18 months to   about 2 years to finish. New enrolments will be taken late in 2018, once the current group of students complete their training.

WORKSHOPS  Each module is comprised of either three or four workshops, which combine esoteric teachings with personal healing, meditation and group dynamics.  This is a practically based training, firmly anchored in  the Ageless Wisdom. Students may choose a shorter or longer course of study, according to their interest and commitment. These training modules are supportive, practical, educational, healing and professional by nature.


Five Modules: 16 workshops

  1.  Soul Life, Cosmology, Inner Planes, Spiritual Law, Foundations of Light, Triangles of Light, Holy Mother
  2. Rays & Heart of Spiritual Practice
  3.  Angels, Alchemy, Heart Lotus
  4.  The Path & Initiations
  5. Seven Ray Healing


        Esoteric Psychology        

 Four Modules: 13  workshops

  1. Soul Life, Cosmology, Inner Planes, Spiritual Law, Foundations of Light, Triangles of Light, Holy Mother
  2. Rays & Heart of Spiritual Practice
  3. The Path & Initiations
  4.   Radiant Path of Soul Service


Module One:  Foundations & Triangles of Light & Holy Mother

  • Life of the Soul
  • Foundations of Light
  • Triangles of Light
  • Holy Mother Healing

Module Two:  Rays & Heart of Spiritual Practice 

  • Path of the Heart
  • Maintaining Balance
  • Heart of Spiritual Practice

Module Three: Angels, Alchemy & Heart Lotus

  • Working with Angels
  • Alchemy & Serpent Fire
  • Into the Heart

Module Four:  The Path & Initiations

  • First Threshold revealed
  • From darkness to Light
  • Messengers of Love

Module Five:  Seven Ray Healing

  • Seven Ray  & Healing practice (i) (ii) (iii)

Module Six:  Radiant Path of Soul Service

  • Radiant Path of Light
  • Paths of Service (i) (ii)



Module Seven: Living in Light

  • Tools of Light
  • Psychological Patterns
  • Times of Transition


The current grouup of students will complete their training in 2019.  New enrolments will be taken in late 2018.  To participate in these workshops your need to be:-

  • emotionally and mentally in good health.
  • committed to the next step of your own transformational growth.
  • committed to learning and applying the fundamentals of these Teachings of the Diamond Light within your daily life.
  • committed to deepening your insight and skill-base of wholistic spiritual practices for the benefit of others, either in the workplace, family or community.


Training in Diamond Light draws upon Chandra’s lifelong experience as a practitioner across many disciplines – esoteric astrology, community education & development, esoteric  healing, , spiritual education,  esoteric psychology,  medical astrology, disability advocacy,  sacred earth healing and sacred women’s healing.  She began her studies in Traditional Astrology in 1977 and continues to study, consult teach and empower others.  Chandra established the Sacred Esoteric Fellowship and commenced teaching the Ageless Wisdom in 1989.  Her career and personal spiritual journey have provided valuable skills and practical insights, which are shared in these training workshops.  All Workshops are supplemented by esoteric textbooks. Her experience and insight into human nature and soul life have been gained by decades of professional work with clients, students and group, within Australia and Europe.

Chandra has been profoundly enriched by the work of, and deeply  indebted to, Lady Ananda Tara Shan,  Mother founder of Heart Flow Worldwide www.heartflow.org


Saturdays 10 am – 4:30 pm   Grandmother Moon Lodge 21B Cerini Lane, Eganstown (10 mins from Daylesford) – get in touch for directions.  Dates may change subject to unforeseen circumstances. 


Chandra   Ph 03 5348-1077

Grandmother Moon Lodge, 21b  Cerini Lane, Eganstown.  8 kms from Daylesford