Grandmother Moon Circle


Ongoing every 2nd and 4th Friday

Namita and Chandra invite you to join this group, where there will be the opportunity to:-

  • empower and heal your feminine self
  • receive psychological support
  • attune and deepen your soul contact
  • receive aura cleansing



  • on the 2nd and 4th Fridays
  • 10:30 am – Noon
  • $15 per session ($10 conc.)
  • please bring food to share for lunch
  • casual attendance – all welcome
  • no mobile devices at all please leave in the car    

Chandra is a practitioner of the heart with a lifetime’s experience as a traditional and esoteric astrologer, spiritual healer, educator, author, songwriter, mother, grandmother and workshop facilitator. She loves to inspire, support and empower others to live in Light.

Namita is a psychologist with 20 years experience in both individual and group therapy where she assists people to embrace change. Using such approaches and techniques as existential psychotherapy, meditation, mindfulness, group processes and core belief work Namita supports people to find the psychological freedom of self-acceptance and self-love and to strengthen their relationship with the light within. 

We began our work together in 1997 and also offer a Sacred Earth Healing Journey to Central Australia – the next one commences 1st September.  Get in touch for details                   

VENUE:- 21B Cerini Lane, Eganstown:  8 kms from Daylesford on the Daylesford-Ballarat Road. (Next left past Cemetery Rod. Straight ahead, then follow the bends in the road to the last house. Through the front gate,  up the hill, to the house on the right.


Email  or Ring: Chandra: 03 5348-1077 (after 1st June)  

Text Namita 0412-071-380

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