Palm Cove Festival

One Spirit One Heart

Body, Mind, Harmony Festival

22nd September

Palm Cove, North Queensland

Chandra, Jabaru Spirit Bird and Nadia Rose will be offering short talks at the Festival, whilst Arjuna will be singing sacred songs.  Program timeslots will be available soon at :-

Children of the New Civilization

Chandra will sstarseed child_ cover children of the new civilizationpeak about the Great Change and its global effects including:-

  •       incoming Aquarian Age
  •       earth’s Divine Plan and timing
  •       angelic &  intergalactic souls
  •       earth’s New Dawn

Chandra Easton an esoteric astrologer and ascension healer from Victoria is available for private consultations while visiting Far North Qld or via Skype.                           

Arrival of the Star People

Nirelle Jabaru Spirit Bird

Jabaru will talk about her connection with the Plaedieans, the Great Change and protection of sacred land.

Jabaru Spirit Bird, a Lightworker and Galactic Shaman, has a passion for walking with the Ancestors. She weaves Indigenous wisdom within sacred ceremonies, facilitating Star People Activations, Global Prayer Meditation and Healing Circles.

FaceBook:           M.0478-829-446

Songs from the Heart

at-spiral-lodge_ArjunaArjuna will be singing (between 12 – 3pm on main stage) joyful, sacred songs to open the heart and lift the Spirit, in celebration of life.

Arjuna (Greg Govinda) has a background in transformational education, spiritual psychology, performing arts and the mystic path.  His work includes facilitating joyful well-being and deepening heart connections.  Arjuna sings songs of the heart, dedicated to personal and planetary peace.

Heart Healing

Nadia Rose will be speaking about the “Heart” and how by accessing our Spiritual Hearts we merge with our multidimensional Self, where deep healing and transformation can take place.

Nadia Rose_brochure

Nadia-Rose is a Spiritual Healer/Psychotherapist and Group Facilitator, healing and educating people to heal and transform themselves through the Heart.              

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