Star of Eternal Hope Concordance Festival

Total LunaLunar Total Eclipse 9th Novembe 2003r Eclipse  9th November 2003

Full Moon   Scorpio &  Taurus   17 degrees

In accordance with ancient Hopi Indian prophecies at the time of the rising of the blood moon and the setting of the blood sun, a sign will come from afar to herald the destruction of the old and the birth of the new.  This Lunar Eclipse is the culmination of this prophecy which foretold the arising of the Forefathers and the descent of the Star people. We live upon the brink of two eras;  we await our destiny with bated breath and not some small amount of foreboding.  As we enter the last months of 2003 let us not forget the struggle, the mayhem, the carnage, the brokered peace, dearly  bought with the lives of many innocents.

This Lunar Eclipse, about to be celebrated in some quarters as the Concordance Festival, heralds the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse in Antarctica.  Just as a yellow light is a warning to either prepare to stop or prepare to move forward, so humanity are warned, via this Lunar Eclipse of their options as we approach the next Crossroad in Time, the Solar Eclipse of the 23rd November, 2003.

So let us look at some of the patterns from the Starmap and divine a way forward.  Figuratively speaking, it is a Starmap in more than one sense.  Visually the chart is dominated by the Star of David, whose name stems from King David ancient leader of the Jewish people.  Astrologically speaking this is a pattern of perfection, of culmination, order and symmetry.  The Star of David, (green and blue in the above map) reconciles certain lessons – at this juncture, they have either been learn or not as the case may be.  It is a global symbol for the eternal survival of the most persecuted race on earth the Jewish people, who in these days of darkness find themselves yet again in a struggle for land and power.  The eternal nature of their struggle for land and with it their survival has been the story of many peoples and races on earth.

The Jewish race, are a microcosm of the macrocosm of humanity;  their ancient and modern struggle represents our struggle twixt the dark and the light, the worlds of form and the worlds of Spirit.  Through the Star of David in this Starmap we are reminded that there is always hope for the underprivileged;  always succour for those who suffer;  always a haven of retreat for those who lack.  This is the promise of those Lighted Ones who lead the way – the leaders of all races, all religions, all nations, all creeds –  the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth.

The brightest star in our Galaxy, Sirius dominates this Starmap.  Sirius is the Blue Star, the Star of Eternal Hope.  It sits conjunct Saturn in Cancer in this Starmap indicating the need for humanity en masse to choose either the portal of Cancer –which leads to the Path of Occult Blindness or the portal of Capricorn – which leads to the Path of Initiation.  We are all challenged in these later months of 2003 – do we respond to the best within us, the Light or do we hide within or behind our shadow selves.  Sirius shines its Blue Rays upon the Earth to light the way forward for those who choose to stand in the light of their soul.  In order to do this we must refute the deepest, gravest, most selfish fears and doubts buried within our hearts and minds.  In order to respond to the Light of Sirius, this is what we are asked to do.

As we await the changing of the guard on Earth, we ready ourselves for the task of purification, vivification and ascension.  The Light of Sirius, amplified threefold by the Lunar and upcoming Solar Eclipses, shines upon the spiral pathway ahead.  This pathway can, if we choose it, be entered upon through the Portal of Capricorn.  The sign of Capricorn is the sign of Salvation, the sign of the Christ and His mighty Host.  We approach yet again another Christmas, and the opportunity to enfold ourselves in Christed Light.  Whether this is for but a fleeting moment or whether it embeds itself in our waking consciousness, our hearts, our minds, our DNA – that is up to us.  We have the choice.  To proceed towards the Path of Initiation, Capricorn, or to veer off course and take the Path which leads away from our soul’s light, through the sign of Cancer.  In this Starmap Saturn the Lord of Karma stands at the entrance to the Path of Cancer, whilst Chiron, the Wounded Healer sits astride the threshold of Capricorn.  To proceed towards the Christed Light is to encounter and heal our vulnerabilities.  To turn our back on this opportunity is to accrue karma for future incarnations.  Humanity choose.

The bell is tolling, the time has come.  On the inner levels those who choose to live lives of separation from the heart will leave the earth.  If not in this incarnation, then in succeeding incarnations.  Upon our Earth the radiance of the Christed Ones will continue to shine;  the Blue Light of Sirius enfolds our planet, spiritualising us if we so allow, providing a Pathway of Ascension a Pathway of Rising Light.  This Pathway exists because of the Rising Light on Earth, the Lord Maitreya.  It is His Light which shines into our hearts, our minds, our very souls;  it is His Light which calls us;  it is His Light which redeems us.  He is the Future Buddha of Earth, the Heart of Earth.

And so we are called from the recesses of within our own hearts, to make our peace with God.  By making our peace with the Divine, we reconcile the shadow within.  To make ones peace with God is an act of faith;  an act of courage; an act of resolution;  and act of sacrifice;  an act of hope.  Through such an act, however it pertains to us individually, we are drawn into the Haven of Peace which exists within the inner Sanctuary of the Heart.  As we step into this Sanctuary our minds moves to rest.  As we step within this Sanctuary our hearts moves to ease.  So let us choose to stand within the Starmap of King David, within Solomon’s Seal;  within the Haven of Peace under the protection of the Flame Lords and Ladies of Sirius.

This perfected Starmap is to us what the Rainbow was to Noah.  It is a sign of Hope, a Promise of a Path which opens before us, day by day.  This Path will lead us to the Promised Land, the Sanctuary within.  It will lead us to heal ourselves, to love our neighbours as ourselves.  It will lead us Home.  So as we witness the upcoming Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse on the 9th day of November, 2003, let the Joy in the Heart be found.  Stand firm within the Heart of All, stand firm.


Chandra Easton

28th October, 2003.

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