Wesak Ceremony

Angelic Hosts gather.

Lord Michael and the Avatar of Synthesis on steeds;  like storm clouds gathering .

The Avatar of Justice upon a white steed, surrounded by an entourage of Arhats.

Divine impulses from other realms pour towards the earth.

Chohans upon their steeds, ranked row upon row, like diamonds in the bodice of the garment of the Lord.

Masters upon the Rays, Arhats, Initiates, disciples:  all is readiness.

All await the coming of the Lords of Love and Compassion and the Buddha-to-Be, Maitreya and the Buddha that is, Guatama.effulgent Blue Buddha

At the Appointed hour the Shamballic Flame is united with the Flame of the Guardians of old.

The sacred Flame is given by the Buddha to Be, Maitreya – the two are one.

The vessels are filled.

The Rod of Initiation is plunged again and again and again into the earth – the Earth shakes.

The current is absorbed, the greater work is done.

The globe of the world is held in the outstretched palm of the Avatar of Justice.

Triangles of Light link sacred Temples all over the earth.

Interplanetary Beings hover in the ethers.

The Wesak Ceremony of 1997 is complete.


Chandra Easton
Wesak 1997 

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