Walk for Peace

Jesus beauteous021Walk with Me

Do not desert Me,

For I walk with you.

Through My Heart lies Victory.

Through My Heart lies Peace.

Through My heart lies Forgiveness.

Through My Heart you shall find yourself.

Walk with Me in times of pain.

Walk with Me in times of celebration.

Never forget Me for I AM in Thee.

Never forget Me.

Never forget me.

I AM the Living Flame of Resurrection.

I AM the Light of Holiness.

I AM the Dove of Peace.

Together I walk with My children

From the New Himalaya

Through the New Jerusalem

To the Holy City of Shamballa.

It is a walk for all Eternity.

Every step returns you to Holiness.

Every step returns you to Grace.

Let us walk together.

This is our walk of Victory.

None are too great or too small to walk with Me.

We walk for Peace

We walk for Justice.

We walk for Love.

Remember Me,

I am in You.

We walk together.

Call My Children to walk with us.

We walk to the Heart of the Rose.

For the sake of pity, walk.

For the sake of joy, walk.

Through all Shadows, all Light, we walk.

I AM the Lamb, the Redeemer,

The Chalice of Love.

Become the Chalice

Carry the Light of your Soul.

Walk with me for all Eternity

Through the Fires of Resurrection

Through the Valley of Peace

I Come.

Celebrate with Me

I Come.

We are the Victory of the Heart

We Come.

Stand with Us

All those who serve the Heart.

We Come.

4th Sunday of Advent 2003


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