Ancient Wisdom Teachings

Ancient Wisdom is as vast as the Universe – below you will find some teachings on Hermeticism, Sacred Sites, Esoteric Astrology and Ascension in the Age of the Heart, Lady Isis & Lady Magdalene and the Children of the New Civilization.

The Hermetic Way: The Immortality Code

Sacred Sites, Angels, Ascension, Astrology

Lady Isis – Rose of Ascension
Mary of Magdala

Esoteric Astrology -Talks

Great Year Ends – Esoteric Astrology
Awakening to Higher Light – Esoteric Astrology
Children of the New Civilization
Guided Meditations - Podcasts and Videos . . . .
Age of the Heart . . . .
All Things Esoteric . . . .
Esoteric Zodiac . . . .