Goddess Mysteries

This book is provided as an aid to the rediscovery of the Goddess within.  Myths of the Goddess down through the Ages have been collected from a variety of sources and combined with an astrological, esoteric and modern Theosophical approach’s. Meet the Goddess in her many faces as She continues to exist in the spiritual realms.   This is the journey of women through many cultures and down through the ages.  Within this book I trace the transitions in a woman’s life from babyhood to old age and link this natural rhythm with the Phases of the Moon. The relationship between the Sun and the Moon is fundamental to the Natural rhythm of Life through the seasons. A practical guide to help you live within the Goddess’s natural rhythm and seasons, Her ceremonies and meditations; an aid to reconnect you with Her power, beauty, grace and love through your heart and in your life.     2005