Sacred Hoop Circles

Artist Pat McCabe

You are invited to join these gatherings – generally held once a month – where we honour the sacred Teachers of earth and work for the healing of the Sacred Hoop – the Light Body of the earth.

Each month has a different focus, working with prayers, songs, music, invocation, ceremony and meditation followed by individual aura healing.


$15 / $10   Please arrive 10 minutes before we commence.  In winter, please bring indoor shoes.  Mobile free gatherings – leave all devices in your car.  Feel free to stay for a cuppa and a chat.

White Buffalo Woman

Here is the vision quest from our most recent White Tara & White Buffalo Woman gathering, where we assisted in healing the Sacred Hoop of Earth.

  • Sunday 1st July                       World Mother, Isis, Master R
  • Sunday 22nd July                    Magdalene & Jesus
  • Sunday August 26th August  Eriu & Mac Grain
  • Sunday September 23rd         Joan of Arc & Ar. Michael
  • October                                   Kali & Shri Krishna
  • November                               Lakshmi & Vishnu
Guided Meditations