Dunsany, Eire


Spiral Lodge & Hill of Tara
9th – 23rd June

LADY ISIS – Rose of Ascension

Sunday 9th June 11 – 1 pm
This lecture will introduce you to Lady Isis and her work throughout the Ages and her unique role within the Plan for humanity and the earth, as we move through the Great Change into the Age of Maitreya. Lady Isis works in concert with the Divine Mothers and her Ascension Angels to ease suffering and assist humanity to ascend toward the light of soul and spirit. After a break, please join us for:- LADY ISIS Healing Circle Within the radiant Heart of Lady Isis and White Tara we meet to be uplifted through singing and to receive the light of Ascension and send healing to the Earth. You may wish to bring along the names of friends or family who would benefit from Absent Healing. Individual aura healings will be offered as part of this activity, after the meditation. €12/€8

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LIVING IN YOUR LIGHT BODY    Sat. 22nd June 10:30 – 4:30 pm

Join Chandra on the Summer Solstice as we gather to consciously connect our Light Bodies with Hurqalya – Earth’s Light Body. Standing in sacred space and linking our hearts to sacred sites assists the Landscape & National Deva to heal us, Ireland and the planet. Activation of your soul light is accelerated via connection with Gaia’s Serpent Paths, Ley Lines and Sun Temples. Today we will work closely with the Angelic Kingdom to strengthen your soul connection and heal ourselves. Chandra will utilize her inner sight/hearing to connect you to one or more of your Spirit/Angelic Guardians, or your Life Guardian. Specific areas of your aura which need attention will be indentified for healing. Throughout the day you will actively assist each other using spiritual purification practices, dance, invocation, prayer and ceremony. A deeply experiential workshop with some teaching around Hurqalya, your aura and inner bodies of Light. €75/€60


ASCENSION EARTH HEALING SERVICE    Sunday 23rd June 3 – 5 pm

We welcome everyone’s participation in this joyful Earth Healing Service, conducted through the Heart of Lady Isis and White Tara. Together we will work with song, prayer, meditation and ceremony for the relief of suffering and the sanctification of earth and humanity. Service suitable for those 16 years and older. Service and Ceremony will be conducted on Hill of Tara – please meet on the Hill at the entrance door in the Church grounds at 2:30 pm, as we will be starting promptly at 3pm.   FREE – donations welcome.

VENUE:                      Spiral Lodge, Dunsany, Co. Meath  &  Hill of Tara                           

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