Sacred Songs of Joy – Lismore

I am delighted to support co-workers ‘Heart of Joy’ in their upcoming Autumn Equinox Concert in Lismore, New South Wales.awakening the lotus


Arjuna Govindamurti and Lawrence Lindhardt Christensen, play and sing sacred songs to awaken the heart, where love and light resides.  ‘Heart of Joy’ offer music that uplifts, inspires and seeks to create a space where healing may occur.  Arjuna from Australia and Lawrence from Denmark, have played together for many years; their music includes songs of their own composition, as well as drawing upon various traditions. Both powerful and peaceful, meditative and dancelike, participants are invited to sing along where inspired.  This evening is dedicated to awakening the Light within and healing our beautiful earth.   

Friday 21st March   

7 9:30 pm    AAA Lawrence

Dhamata Centre, 70/72 Molesworth St. Lismore (upstairs)   

Ph 6621-6060       $15/10 conc.   

Bring a cushion & please leave your mobile phone in the car – thanks   

AAA arjuna govinda           

FaceBook:  Journey of the Heart

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