Planetary Meditation

Chandra will guide this fortnightly meditation group using the teachings of Ananda Tara Shan, from the book “17 Steps to Perfection”.  Connect in person or from anywhere in the world.

Together we will tune into the planetary energies, via song, invocation and prayer to align our hearts and minds with these heavenly impulses.  Each meditation will focus upon a different planet from our solar system.  by attuning to the planetary energies we align our inner bodies and physical body to the frequency of soul Light. Suitable for beginners or those who would like to experience this unique meditation system.

If you live further afield and would like to attune with this group feel free.  Drop Chandra an email and let me know.


June 12th  & 26th, July 10th & 24th – email for future dates

Donations welcome. Stay for cuppa.


Email for directions.  Mobile Free Event – please leave all devices in your car. Please bring indoor shoes.



Heartscape program