Heart’s Code – 2nd September

Be foolish so that your heart may be at peacerumi-tarot-the-fool_be foolish so that your heart may be at peace


Friday 2nd September

7 – 10 pm

Tonight we experience the keys to unlocking and healing the petals of your heart, invoking soul Light, moving beyond obstacles, walking the Fire Path, practicing ahimsa, forgiveness and opening to grace.

Chandra Easton is an Australian wholistic practitioner of the heart with a lifetimes experience as a traditional & esoteric astrologer, visionary, ascension healer, vocational consultant and spiritual educator. Private appointments are available with Chandra in Copenhagen between 1st – 10th Sep., please book early.

 Arjuna Govinda is a transformational educator drawing upon spiritual psychology, performing arts and the mystic path, to assist in your joyful well-being and deepening heart healing. Arjuna, a member of Heartsong, sings songs of the heart, dedicated to personal and planetary peace.

Venue: Theosophical Fellowship, SanktPedersStræde 27 B, 3.sal 1453 København

Please do not bring your mobile devices into the workshop  – at all  – thanks

Cost: 190/150 kr        Booking essential    

  Facebook   or Gyde   M:  22 26 60 65  after 26th Aug