Heart’s Code – Daylesford

When love is true it goes straight to the heart

Easter Saturday   –   26th March 1—5 pm

A workshop where we explore the seven keys to healing the heart and it’s petals, managing the descent of soul Light, moving beyond obstacles, walking the Fire Path, practising ahimsa, forgiveness and opening to grace.


Chandra Easton  
Bookings  –  before 21st March or Ph 5348-2150

Inside Out Dance Studio
2/ 37-39 East Street, Daylesford $50 / $40

Do not bring your mobile device into the venue, at all — thanks

Chandra Easton is an Australian wholistic practitioner of the heart with a lifetimes experience as a traditional & esoteric astrologer, visionary, ascension healer, vocational consultant and spiritual educator. She works globally, within the Spirit of the Heart, to support others to their healing journey.