Gold Coast 04.09.13


Chandra Easton

Wednesday 4th September

7 – 9:30 pm

Join Chandra as she shares her approach to Esoteric Astrology with the Gold Coast Astrological Society.   An Aquarian with Sagittarian Moonganesh (2) and Cancer rising, Chandra has been a consultant astrologer since 1981.  Topics covered:-

  •       Art of Listening
  •       The Path & Discipleship
  •       Keys to consciousness
  •       Example Charts
  •       Time for questions

 ENQUIRY:   Gold Coast Astrological Society

                      Community Centre, (upstairs) Lawson Street, Southport

                      7 – 9:30 pm         Cost $10 – $15 visitors

Bookings:     Pam Rogowski

Chandra Easton is an Australian wholistic practitioner of the heart with  a lifetime’s experience as a traditional & esoteric astrologer, visionary, ascension healer, vocational consultant and wholistic educator. She works globally, within the Spirit of the Heart, to lift others to the Light within.


blue violet lotus
6th & 8th September

Chandra  and co-worker Arjuna Govinda will be facillitating activities in Lismore this weekend

Email appointments or enquiry

FaceBook:         Soul Centered Astrology & Spiritual Healing  


For health reasons, Chandra would appreciate it if you would please leave your mobile phone in the car, as she experiences severe headaches when near mobiles.  – many thanks


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