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Avalon Lodge      11th – 20th May, 2013

Field of Light     Saturday 11th May 10 – 2pm

Today’s workshop focuses upon strengthening your soul connection by working closely with your Spiritual Guides and purifying your aura. Chandra will work with everyone individually to introduce you to one or more of your Spirit/Angelic Guardians, or your Life Guardian. Through inner sight and clairaudience specific areas of your aura which need attention will be indentified for healing. You will actively assist each other using spiritual purification practices, dance, invocation and prayer. A deeply experiential workshop with some teaching around the aura and the inner bodies. 5,000 ISKR

sacred labyrinth

Hurqalya – Earth’s Light Body Tuesday 14th May 7:30 – 9 pm
In this talk Chandra will outline the importance of consciously connecting our Light Body with Earth’s network of Light. Hurqalya, Earth’s Light Body, consists of sacred landscapes and sacred sites; Landscape & National Devas; Serpent Paths and Ley Lines; Holy Mountains and Sun Temples. Earth’s Ascension and our ascension are integrally linked to the activation of this grid. 2,000 ISKR.


Alchemy of Light Sunday 19th May 10 – 2pm

The Thrice Great Hermes left us the Emerald Tablet which outlines the seven alchemical steps for turning lead into gold. These teachings are the foundation stone of the Path to Immortality.
We will work with these seven steps today to continue our inner transformative healing. 5,000 ISKR

Children of the New Civilization   Monday 20th May, 7:30 – 9 pm


This evening’s talk will touch upon many fascinating topics which affect us all in these early years of the 21st century including the incoming Aquarian Age, evolution towards the 6th root race, nature of angelic humans, arrival of intergalactic and starry souls, Earth’s Divine Plan & timing, Great Change, New Dawn. 2,000 ISKR

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Consultations:  Esoteric Astrology, Soul Reading, Ascension Healing available whilst in Reykjavik

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