Entering Sacred Sites


with Chandra Easton

Saturday 8th October  7:30  –  9 pm    

Sacred Sites are places of majesty, protection and power.  When we step through the veil we enter earth’s sacred Hill Fort Griananlandscape – mystery awaits us.  This evening Chandra will discuss the Light body of the Earth, known as Hurqalya, and our role as caretakers.  At this time of global upheaval and transformation we are called to act for the protection of earth.  When we consciously merge our aura with Earth’s Light Grid we fulfill a vital link in Earth’s Ascension and an aspect of our destiny.

In my travels I have encountered landscape & National Devas; followed serpent paths and songlines and stood in awe at holy mountains and ancient sun temples.  This is a practical talk which will support your conscious cooperation with the landscape and all that lies therein.

Please do not bring a mobile phone to this activity at all – thanks

Bookings essential  £10/ £8


A few appointments   are available – 7th & 8th October

  • Esoteric Astrology   €145
  • Ascension Healing   €50/€85  1 hr or 1.5 hr
  • Past Life Regression  €85
  • Soul/life reading   €70
Online Booking required

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