Emissaries of Light

Sunday 4th January, 2015

1 – 5 pm   $40/35

Join us for an afternoon of radiant beauty, light, sound & angelic healingAngel of the Christ

  • Transform your aura with the help of the Violet Fire Angels
  • Quicken your vibration via healing with Ascension Angels
  • Strengthen soul light with the aid of the Angels of Virtue
  • Experience the Light and healing Song of the Angels of Sirius
  • Group Healing through the Heart of Lady Isis
  • Earth Healing for a world in crisis
  • Gain personal healing skills to assist your soul growth

Daylesford Inside Out Dance Studio – 2/39 East Street

Chandra Easton is a wholistic practitioner of the heart with a lifetimes experience as a traditional & esoteric astrologer, visionary, ascension healer and wholistic educator. She works globally, within the Spirit of the Heart, to lift others to the Light within.

Kaaren Hawkes is a sound healer and student of the Ancient Wisdom Teachings. She has a background in psychology and Jungian psychotherapy and has accompanied many people on their healing journeys. Kaaren has presented previously around transpersonal communication with angels

Chandra and Kaaren are founding member of Heartscape Australia

Heartscape Program

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